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Understanding the Functions of Cells in Cannabis Plants

Have you ever sat down and wondered how the cannabis plant works? If all you’re interested in is smoking it, then we wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t.

However, the fact that you’re reading this means you’ve taken a particular interest in how the plant grows. That probably also means that you’re considering growing your own cannabis at home.

If that’s the case, then you’re on the right track! Cultivating cannabis is not as straightforward as growing most other plants. However, it’s definitely possible when you have the right knowledge. The more you know about the inner workings of the plant, the better you’ll be able to care for it and reap great results.

The cells reproduction and growth

Like any other plant or living thing, tiny cells comprise a cannabis plant. Different cells have different jobs, and they all contribute to the growth of the plant, whether they are reproducing or not.

For the cells that do reproduce, some will multiply much faster than others. For instance, the cells you find on the tips of leaves, as well as the roots, reproduce much faster and grow quickly. On the other hand, cells found on the stems of the plant reproduce much slower.

All these cells grow larger by slowly absorbing water and nutrients, expanding their size. A healthy cannabis plant will grow approximately three to six centimetres a day, thanks to the inner workings of these cells.

The cells’ functions

Not all cells have the same function. For example, some transport water up from the roots and spread it throughout the plant, ensuring that each cell has the water and nutrients it needs. Other cells, such as those found on the outer layers of the plant, are in charge of making sure dehydration does not occur too quickly, keeping the plant well-hydrated and alive.

The roots

One of the most critical parts of cannabis plants is the root system, along with the cells that comprise it. These cells make sure that the plant stays firmly rooted to the ground and also absorbs nutrients and water from the soil.

The cells you can find in the roots can grow at incredible rates, reaching deep below the earth to look for what they need to survive. If you were to pull a cannabis plant out from the soil, the root system would be much larger than the plant above the ground.

The roots are also where you can look for signs of the plant’s current health. If you find them to be white and “hairy,” the plant is doing well. On the other hand, if you find that the roots are brown, the plant is probably unhealthy.


As a cannabis grower, your job is to ensure all your plants are thriving. With that said, do not pay attention to only how the plant looks from the outside. If you can, take a look at its roots. If you find them to be in good condition, you can rest knowing that your plants are healthy.

However, if you find the plant to be drying out and dying, the root of the issue can lie deep down in the soil. Do whatever it takes to ensure all your plants’ cells are healthy, whether that is to water the plant to keep it hydrated or to point a fan at the plant to strengthen its trunk.

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