Male vs. Female Cannabis Seeds – Is There a Difference?

Since cannabis has become more accessible than ever, more and more people have entertained the idea of growing their own weed. Regardless of current restrictions on growing cannabis, anyone can successfully grow cannabis at home, thanks to the available educational material. ....  read more

3 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Growing CBD Hemp Seeds

Thanks to the widespread legalisation of cannabis all over the United Kingdom, Brtish citizens have been afforded the opportunity to enjoy the beneficial herb in various forms.

From enjoying spliffs to ripping bongs, the manners in which one can enjoy nature’s medicine are nearly endless. Thanks to the ingenuity of researchers, manufacturers, and connoisseurs alike. Among all the different ways that you can consume CBD, however, one has become a hot topic and growing form of interaction within the emerging UK CBD market: growing hemp seeds. ....  read more

How to Find the Best Feminized Marijuana Seeds Online

Good seed companies make it easy for customers to purchase feminized marijuana seeds online, as they help in finding the right seeds based on preferred growing conditions. Their proven track record allows customers to feel confident that their requests will be met. Avoid the hassle and find a company that weeds out the inconveniences that are often experienced during online purchases. ....  read more

How to Pick Cannabis Seeds – A Beginners Guide

Choosing the perfect cannabis seeds can be a daunting task nowadays. Many years back, there were only a handful of novelty names in the market, with strains like Northern Lights or Skunk #1 dominating the days of grunge and rock n’ roll. Now it has become one of the most genetically engineered products offered, and the variety of different strains available make them among one of the most fascinating as well as complicated collections to begin. Nonetheless, there are several ways to determine the cream from the crop, and this article aims to help you pick the right cannabis seeds. ....  read more