Growing Your Cannabis Seeds – What is the Ideal Humidity Level?

If you are on your journey towards having your cannabis garden or just plain curious about cannabis seeds and their growth, this article will teach you how to improve your cannabis seedlings’ growth. The Importance of Humidity Every plant is different, but they share some common characteristics and needs. For one, plants need water toRead more ⟶

Yellowing Marijuana Leaves – 3 Causes and How to Treat Them

Growing marijuana is much more complicated than raising common flowering plants. Since it demands particular growing conditions, you must know how to handle any potential threats to a bountiful harvest. Yellowing Marijuana leaves is a common illness among cannabis plants. For all plants, this is a sign of malnutrition that can lead to death. IfRead more ⟶

Reasons Cannabis Leaves Turn Yellow & What You Can Do About It

Are your cannabis leaves turning yellow? This could cause you to panic, but before you do, know that marijuana plants may get yellowing leaves for various reasons. Therefore, it’s essential that you stay calm and try to figure out first what’s causing the yellowing. In this post, we’ll talk about the reasons for yellow leavesRead more ⟶

Fungai Fusarium in CBD Plants

What is Fungai Fusarium and How to Protect Your Cannabis Plants Growing your cannabis plants can bring you several benefits; however, the process also comes with different challenges. Like growing other crops and plants, you will likely encounter a few pests and insects before seeing your seedlings grow into beautiful cannabis plants. One particular fungusRead more ⟶

How pH Levels Affect Cannabis Growth

In the world of growing cannabis, the difficulty is usually in the details when it comes to nurturing a marijuana plant from the moment one receives a seed to the day it bears consumable Buds/leaves. Although growing plants and having a green thumb in itself is a fairly difficult process, the nuance-filled nature of canna-cultivationRead more ⟶

Understanding the Functions of Cells in Cannabis Plants

Have you ever sat down and wondered how the cannabis plant works? If all you’re interested in is smoking it, then we wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t. However, the fact that you’re reading this means you’ve taken a particular interest in how the plant grows. That probably also means that you’re considering growing yourRead more ⟶

Defend Your Greens – 3 Ways to Stop Caterpillars Wreaking havoc to Your Cannabis Plants

Growing cannabis in the great outdoors comes with plenty of perks – from having more space to expand your dank collection to producing bigger yields the next harvest season. Of course, the outdoors also has its drawbacks, most of which involve fending off pest infestation from feasting on the green crop. Infamous pests like aphids,Read more ⟶