Cannabis Seed Germination Made Easy – The Substrate Method

Ah, cannabis seed growing: once considered a pipe dream for bud-lovers, this particular activity is now easy to start thanks to legalisation and increasing accessibility to certain resources. Whether you’re looking to grow your own supply for smoking or simply in the growing game for the sake of health-related benefits, cultivating nature’s one-stop-shop in yourRead more ⟶

Everything You Need to Know About Lollipopping Cannabis

If you’re new to growing cannabis, you’re probably curious about the different techniques that promote healthy bud growth. So, when it comes to effective trimming techniques, many turn to the lollipopping method. Lollipopping is a pruning or trimming technique that helps your cannabis plant centralise its energy on its most dominant bud sites, which isRead more ⟶

How to Tell if Marijuana Seeds are Good or Bad

We live in this day and age where the use of CBD and marijuana is no longer heavily restricted as it was before and is now readily available almost anywhere you go. You can just go online and order some marijuana seeds or CBD oil and have them delivered straight to your doorstep. However, withRead more ⟶

Hydroponics – The Secret to Growing Plants You Need To Know

Planting has become a popular hobby for so many people worldwide. Whatever you’re thinking of growing, you must be writing down the list of things you need already: seeds, plants, soil, and tools. Of course, if you’re new to all this, you might not know about hydroponics. Essentially, it is the practice of growing plantsRead more ⟶

Growing Problems – What’s Wrong with Your Hemp Seeds

The promise of harvesting a healthy batch of hemp or marijuana is an inviting dream to have. It’s an excellent goal for people who want to grow their herbs through a DIY process, saving them hundreds instead of buying from sellers. However, growing cannabis seeds can have a steep learning curve. Growing Problems with CannabisRead more ⟶

What Should You Do at the Cannabis Flowering Stage?

The flowering stage is the most significant aspect of marijuana cultivation for professional growers. When plants transition from the vegetative to the flowering stage, their growth slows down. When they begin to develop blooms (known as buds), it’s time to give them a new treatment, including changing light and nutrients. To help you get theRead more ⟶

Keeping Your Cannabis Seeds Alive Part 1 – Proper Storage Tips You Should Know

Growers likely have a stash of high-quality cannabis seeds. As for non-commercial cultivators, storing the rest is a viable and cost-effective way to maintain your crop. Cannabis seeds are durable by nature, but that doesn’t mean you can leave them in your closet and expect a fruitful harvest down the line. If you plan toRead more ⟶

Harvesting Cannabis – How to Grade Your Cannabis Seeds

Raising a bountiful harvest of cannabis can be challenging, especially since it’s a type of plant that has very particular needs. You’ll need to set up an environment that can attend to its different requirements, from the right humidity levels to appropriate soil nutrient conditions. Any miscalculation you make can ruin an entire crop, leadingRead more ⟶