Reward Points

Reward Points money bag

Reward Points – At Coffee Shop Seeds we believe that our customers are the forefront of our business and, therefore, should be rewarded for trusting us to be your cannabis seeds supplier.

As a result, we offer a Coffee Shop Seeds reward programme that enables you to make superb savings on future purchases.

By creating an account you will be automatically allocated reward points on all your orders. These can be used as discount against your next orders.

You will receive 1 point for every £/$/€ (or other) spent at Points can then be redeemed against future orders giving you a fantastic savings. Get 1 £/$/€ off for every 50 points you have earned.  

And we don’t just stop there either- 

Social Reward

Like our page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Tweet a product (Social link on product page) Post a product to Facebook, Pin a product to Pinterest and earn 20 reward points (capped at 100 points per month), for every post or share you make. We usually see this on our social channels, however, simply email us with your posts and we will allot your points to your account.

Write a review 

Write a review on Trustpilot about Coffee Shop Seeds about your cannabis seeds orders and earn 50 points (1 review per customer).

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