Low Yield

Low Yield Cannabis seeds are an ideal solution for those growers who are limited on space. Perfect for those small grow rooms, or some strains are ideal for beginners not biting off more than they can chew.

Dubble Bubble Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Dubble Bubble Feminised is a Sativa dominant strain. She produces dense bright green and orange, full of resin that deliver an uplifting high. This full-bodied hybrid’s taste is sweet and pungent with notes of earth and berry. The aroma is strong and citrusy. This strain is ideal for anxiety and relaxation.

White Russian Auto Feminised Seeds

Autoflowering White Russian #1 is not 100% uniform until now. Some plants have an open bud structure and will yield less, but most plants grow nice compact buds and yield 10 to 20 grams or sometimes more. The more light they receive during their life-cycle, the better the endresult will be. All plants will be beautifully covered in a thick layer of trichomes. The majority of the plants will finish between 70-75 days while some may need a little longer, up to 80 days.

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