Our Guide to Choosing the Right Pot for Cannabis Plants

There are various types of containers or pots for growing cannabis. Depending on how you grow, where you grow, and what type of containers you use, you will yield different results one way or another. Each pot is different, with some having characteristics that make them unique, like how the cannabis’ roots grow in those pots or how airy they are. ....  read more

How to Spot & Prevent Seedlings from Developing Damping Off Disease

When everything is set up and every seedling in its rightful pot just waiting to pop out, sometimes they already topple over before getting much of an enthusiastic start. If you notice seedlings keeling over as it emerges from the soil, it is highly likely that it’s suffering a disease known to attack many green younglings called damping off disease.  ....  read more

Growing Cannabis – Knowing Wheather Your Seeds are Good or Bad – Guide

If you’re a novice cannabis farmer, there’s one crucial skill you must develop: the ability to separate the good seeds from the bad. To ensure a good harvest, you want to start with seeds that aren’t damaged. You don’t need special tools to do this—ultimately, your senses are enough. Seeing, feeling, tasting, and smelling your seeds will help you determine whether or not they are fit for growing. Duds, or those with low germination rates, will remain permanently dormant. ....  read more

Choosing the Right Outdoor Cannabis Seeds for your climate – Our Guide

Dating as far back as 2737 BC in China, cannabis has been used widely for its psychoactive effects. Since then, cannabis has spread globally and grown well in various climate conditions. Cannabis now grows wild in many diverse places, such as Mexico, the UK, China, India, Alaska, and Russia, among others. It is now an adaptable plant that’s able to thrive in many conditions. For those who intend to grow cannabis outdoors, this is now achievable. ....  read more

How to Find the Best Feminized Marijuana Seeds Online

Good seed companies make it easy for customers to purchase feminized marijuana seeds online, as they help in finding the right seeds based on preferred growing conditions. Their proven track record allows customers to feel confident that their requests will be met. Avoid the hassle and find a company that weeds out the inconveniences that are often experienced during online purchases. ....  read more