Cannabis and Migraines – Things to Know from Recent Research

Cannabis is continually being studied for its various health benefits, whether for recreational use or therapeutic purposes. If you ask enthusiasts about it, you’ll hear how plenty of people say that puffing on a joint can do many things, such as alleviate stress and anxiety, help you get better sleep, and even take the edgeRead more ⟶

Breeder Focus – Barney’s Farm

This week we introduce you to Barney’s Farm (if Barney’s need any introduction). Imagine spending 3 years in the rural Himalayan mountains! Well, that was the beginnings of Barney’s Farm. In the late 1980’s a group breeders did just that. Meticulously selecting cannabis strains from every corner of the Asian continent, they began to crossRead more ⟶

5 Great Advantages of Growing Cannabis Seeds in Greenhouses

People’s understanding of cannabis and the industry is maturing. More and more are clearing away the stigma and even started growing their seedlings. What is the optimal environment to ensure cannabis seed growth? One answer is greenhouses. In this article, we’ll discuss the key advantages of tending to cannabis crops in greenhouses. Great Natural LightRead more ⟶

What You Need to Know About Growing Cannabis Outdoors in the UK

If you use CBD, you probably wonder if you can grow cannabis in your yard in the UK. The short answer to that is yes (although you will need a license from the Home Office if you do not wish to break the law). However, different parts of the country pose varying challenges. For instance,Read more ⟶

Making Cannabis Seeds a Part of Your Nutritional Diet

Cannabis has long been a well-rounded plant that has been beneficial since ancient times. It was a plant that was used in Asia for various purposes. Long before it was effectively used in treating symptoms and illness, it was already a herbal medicine used by the ancient people. It was also part of their religiousRead more ⟶

3 Popular High CBD Strains That You Need to Know About

Cannabis products have grown in popularity in the last couple of years. Due to its surge in popularity, cannabis and cannabis products have also continuously gotten better. One of the most important developments when it comes to cannabis is the rise in CBD-dominant strains. CBD, or cannabidiol, is the second most prevalent ingredient in cannabis.Read more ⟶

Cannabis Seed Germination Made Easy – The Substrate Method

Ah, cannabis seed growing: once considered a pipe dream for bud-lovers, this particular activity is now easy to start thanks to legalisation and increasing accessibility to certain resources. Whether you’re looking to grow your own supply for smoking or simply in the growing game for the sake of health-related benefits, cultivating nature’s one-stop-shop in yourRead more ⟶

Everything You Need to Know About Lollipopping Cannabis

If you’re new to growing cannabis, you’re probably curious about the different techniques that promote healthy bud growth. So, when it comes to effective trimming techniques, many turn to the lollipopping method. Lollipopping is a pruning or trimming technique that helps your cannabis plant centralise its energy on its most dominant bud sites, which isRead more ⟶

How to Tell if Marijuana Seeds are Good or Bad

We live in this day and age where the use of CBD and marijuana is no longer heavily restricted as it was before and is now readily available almost anywhere you go. You can just go online and order some marijuana seeds or CBD oil and have them delivered straight to your doorstep. However, withRead more ⟶

3 Common Cannabis Seedling Issues

If you’ve recently bought cannabis seeds, you’re likely invested in making sure they sprout and thrive to become high-quality marijuana plants. However, taking care of seedlings can be tricky, especially when it’s your first time trying to grow a plant. You may run into a few issues when growing cannabis seedlings, which will affect themRead more ⟶