Feminised Autoflowering

Feminised Autoflowering

Cannabis plants in the wild are typically hermaphrodites, meaning they carry the physical traits of both sexes. This is a built in survival trait, if there is a lack of a particular sex within the crop it allows for self-pollination. This trait has been successfully bred-out of most plants. In order to manipulate the cultivation process and save time by removing the need to sex plants.

High quality feminized seeds available today are all but resistant to becoming hermaphrodites, particularly if grown in correct conditions. Feminised cannabis seeds creation has been one a defining moment in the expansion of the cannabis market over the last few decades.

Before feminized seeds were introduced to the market, regular seeds were the norm. Typically, these were made up of 50%/50% male and female seeds split. However, this created a problem for growers who would have to double the number of seedlings in order to ensure a satisfactory number of female plants for future cultivation. Obviously wasting time, space and money.

Feminized seeds are bred to enable them to develop and flower as female plants only. As a result the breeding ensures virtually all male chromosomes are eliminated resulting in a 99.9% probability of female plant growth.

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