Grows Indoors & Outdoors/Greenhouse

The vast majority of cannabis seeds are suitable for grows indoors & outdoors/greenhouse. Which one is best for you? unfortunately this is not an easy question. With so many factors to consider, each individual grower will have their own preference.

Growing Indoors:

There are many benefits of cultivating your marijuana grows indoors. You can control all the necessary elements required for a successful grow. Not to mention a 12 month season! Indoor grows enable you to protect your crop form adverse weather conditions, unwanted visitors – pests, small mammals, and of course burglar Bill.
However, not all is so simple. There a numerous considerations to take in before selecting your seeds for grows indoors.
What is your level of cultivation experience, the size and even the shape of your grow area. while Indica’s will grow low but wide, Sativa’s will grow taller but narrower.

Growing Outdoors:

Outdoor grows on the other hand require very little in the way of equipment. All you need is mother nature. Growing your cannabis seeds out as nature intended generally produces much greater yields with less effort. Planting in spring time, your cannabis plants should be ready for harvest around late summer/early autumn (late August/Early September in the Northern Hemisphere). However, growing outdoors also comes with a downside.
Generally you will only get one grow in a year for grows outdoors – this obviously depends on your climate. That said, with newer XL and FAST strains 2 grows is now possible.
Then there’s the issue of pests. Many pests like cannabis (can’t say I blame them) and will set up home on your plants gladly. And don’t forget, your plants may be visible or potent enough to attract unwanted attention!


Growing in a green house may be considered as the middle ground to the indoor outdoor debate. However, growing in a greenhouse can give you the best of both worlds. Similar to grows outdoors, the use of mother nature is as good as free without the downsides of crop damage from the unseasonal elements of heavy rain and strong winds. At the same time growers can have a similar degree of control an indoor grow gives. Correctly erected greenhouse will increase the suns power and aid growth. BUT, be careful, cannabis grows outdoors can and do get light burn, usually associated with indoor grows.

Greenhouse grows can also help extending the season. Simply adding some heaters growers can even grow for a full 12 months even in colder climates. A side effect of adding certain propane/gas heaters adds CO2 benefitting your plants even more. Although, doing this will require certain safety features installing.

The debate will continue for a s long as people have been growing marijuana and it impossible to say which method is best. Each an every grower will have a preference but many will be dependent on circumstances.

Cannabis seeds here are all breed with the ability to allow grows indoors & outdoors/greenhouse.

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