Weed Seeds for Beginners – The Best Autoflowering and Germinating Cannabis Seeds for You

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned vet looking to bring it back to basics, our selection of beginner marijuana seeds is the perfect solution. Our strains range from germinating cannabis seeds, autoflowering seeds and big yield auto seeds, so no matter what you’re looking for, we’ll have it!

Alongside our wide selection of marijuana seeds, we also have a wide variety of starter kits for our beginners.

Here at Coffee Shop Seeds we have a range of strains from some of the worlds most renowned breeders including Sensi Seeds and their famous strain Afghani #1 auto Feminised seeds. Dinafem Seeds and the excellent Cheese XXL Auto Feminised Seeds. One of our most popular sellers from our beginners category is the RQS Autoflowering starters kit and the RQS Feminised Starter Kit. Both these kits come with 3 RQS seeds, Propagator Pro, complete with perlite and lighting to ensure the perfect environment for germination.

Ready to get started? Our cannabis seeds for beginners are ideal for those who are unsure of what strain to choose. Whether you’re new to growing your own cannabis or have a little experience these stains of weed seeds are ideal.

So, if you’re looking to start your own grow your in the right place. Either indoor or outdoor you will find the perfect strain for you in our cannabis seeds for beginners section.

Buy your marijuana seeds today to start you own grow from coffee shop seeds and start to earn loyalty points on your orders. Please see our T&C’s and Legal disclaimer

If you have any questions about marijuana seeds, or our seed shop in general, we’re more than happy to give some tips and information to beginners or seasoned pros! Please fee free to contact us via our social media channels, our contact form, or email us at


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