All You Need to Know About CBD Seeds and Growing Them

You can get cannabis from either a seed or a clone. The seeds are often born out of two parent plants, thus resulting in different traits for each seed. With that in mind, you will be able to find different kinds of cannabis seeds. We will discuss below further about these seeds and growing them.Read more ⟶

Grow Marijuana Properly with These Greenhouse Building Tips

Growing marijuana from cannabis seeds has become increasingly popular amongst hobbyists and commercial cultivators alike. Greenhouses are one option that has become increasingly popular amongst hobbyists and commercial cultivators alike. A greenhouse can be a great way to grow cannabis if you have the space. Here’s how to build the perfect greenhouse for growing yourRead more ⟶

Old Cannabis Seeds – A Guide on Rescue and Germination

One key method of preserving genetic varieties that worked well when planted or gave off a great “experience” in general is saving cannabis seeds. Growers often keep seeds in order to grow plants with genetics that they have found particularly enjoyable. Seeds will lose germinating power over the course of time, however. After a numberRead more ⟶

Cannabis Seed Germination Made Easy – The Substrate Method

Ah, cannabis seed growing: once considered a pipe dream for bud-lovers, this particular activity is now easy to start thanks to legalisation and increasing accessibility to certain resources. Whether you’re looking to grow your own supply for smoking or simply in the growing game for the sake of health-related benefits, cultivating nature’s one-stop-shop in yourRead more ⟶

Hydroponics – The Secret to Growing Plants You Need To Know

Planting has become a popular hobby for so many people worldwide. Whatever you’re thinking of growing, you must be writing down the list of things you need already: seeds, plants, soil, and tools. Of course, if you’re new to all this, you might not know about hydroponics. Essentially, it is the practice of growing plantsRead more ⟶

A Brief Guide to Cultivating Your Own Hemp/Cannabis Indoors

Countless people are often curious about how to cultivate hemp indoors. However, those people often don’t go beyond their interests to accomplish the task. This is because to achieve successful cultivation. You must be responsible, patient, and at least adequately knowledgeable about plant care. If you prove to be capable, you will yield great resultsRead more ⟶

Keeping Your Cannabis Seeds Alive Part 1 – Proper Storage Tips You Should Know

Growers likely have a stash of high-quality cannabis seeds. As for non-commercial cultivators, storing the rest is a viable and cost-effective way to maintain your crop. Cannabis seeds are durable by nature, but that doesn’t mean you can leave them in your closet and expect a fruitful harvest down the line. If you plan toRead more ⟶

Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Outdoors

With the newest generation of weed seeds, growing autoflowering plants is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss! Autoflowering cannabis seeds have been getting a whole lot of attention and good reviews over the past few years. As time goes by, autoflowering cannabis only becomes more potent, higher-yielding and better-tasting. However, even with the goodRead more ⟶