How Cannabis can Help Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D)

If cannabis can help Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) first, we must understand what SAD is. SAD is a type of depression usually more apparent in the Autumn and winter months as the nights begin to draw in. Hence, its often known as “Winter Depression”. Majority of sufferers have normal mental health throughout the most the year and only exhibit symptoms at the same time of year. As mentioned above, this is usually around mid-late autumn/early winter. ....  read more

4 CBD Strains That Can Help Alleviate Anxiety

One of the most pervasive mental health issues in the world today is anxiety, which is also one of the biggest reasons people rely on cannabis. Scientists are actively investigating how cannabis affects anxiety, and yet despite the lack of evidence, some studies have shown essential trends that point to specific cannabis strains that have significance on relieving feelings of anxiety. ....  read more

4 Ideas of What You Can Do With Your Cannabis Stems

Cannabis Stems – In the wonderful world of cannabis, stems rarely receive the love that they deserve. Some people throw their leftover stems away, while most people grind them up and consume them as they would the leaves. While this is definitely an option, keep in mind that stems do hold less tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) value than flowers. Instead of the beautiful high that you receive from the flowers, you’ll probably end up with the taste of wood and even a headache. ....  read more

The effect of marijuana use on the female body

These days cannabis consumption is getting more and more popular. Some people use it in order to treat illnesses, another – just for entertainment to get high. People usually understand the state of “high” as a feeling of relaxation and euphoria, but let’s discover how it affects the body and if there is any difference in marijuana usage depending on the sex. ....  read more

Sativa and Indica – Everything You Need to Know

The most common terms you’ll hear when diving into the world of medical marijuana are Sativa and Indica. These names refer to the two major types of cannabis, and each provides different effects and benefits. While these classifications are broad, they can give you an idea of what to expect when using each, helping you determine which type of marijuana you should purchase for yourself. ....  read more

3 Benefits of Hemp Seeds as a Source of Protein

Hemp is one of the most multipurpose plants to-date as it has plenty of uses – from industrial applications to provide therapeutic benefits in the form of CBD from hemp extracts. In terms of enhancing your health, hemp doesn’t just contain cannabinoids that can provide pain relief and mood lifts. It also has nutritional attributes that make it an excellent source of protein. ....  read more


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