Indoor Cannabis Seeds – Which Type is Best for First Time Growers?

Growing your own weed is an entirely different and rewarding experience than just consuming it. You get to watch the entire process and lifecycle of how cannabis seeds mature. To first-time growers, the process of cultivating seeds may seem overwhelming at first. However, growing weed indoors needn’t be difficult. You just need to understand a couple of things about the properties of marijuana seeds and how to best cultivate them. ....  read more

Feminised or Regular, Which Cannabis Seeds Should You Get?

When planning to start a cannabis farm, you need to decide what type of cannabis seed you want to grow. If you are not familiar yet, there are two types you can choose from: a feminised and a regular seed. The two seeds have several differences, but their main difference is the sex of the plants you would produce. Like other plants, there is a female and male cannabis plant, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. The best way to know which one fits your farm is to set a clear goal. ....  read more

Understanding the Difference Between Feminised and Autoflowering seeds

The cultivation of cannabis is increasingly becoming more common, both for hobbyists and thrill-seekers. Most enjoy the process of cultivation itself, and the ability to grow their cannabis is a mere bonus. For others, however, this allows them the chance to germinate and experiment, thereby customising and changing their THC experiences forever. ....  read more

Autoflowering vs Feminised Seeds: Advantages for Indoor Cultivation

The indoor cultivation of cannabis has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. And for good reason, too! Enclosed environments are easier to control and protect. Growing cannabis in this manner is said to yield higher quality weed strains across a number of cannabis varieties. This is because indoor cannabis growers are able to monitor their plants to ensure that they reach their maximum potential. ....  read more

More Than a Plant – Why You Should Consider Eating Marijuana Seeds

Due to the prevalence of medicinal marijuana, many have been exploring the usability of the different parts of this plant for the human body. One particularly infamous part of this plant are the seeds. Because it does not have cannabinoids, which is what most people are after, these aren’t used for therapeutic purposes. However, despite not having it, it still does have some nutritional benefit in ingesting these little seeds. ....  read more

Our Cannabis Seed Germination Guide

Cannabis Seed germination is vital to any successful growth cycle, as it is the first step you’ll need to get right to turn your cannabis seeds into healthy and thriving cannabis plants. If you are just starting out in this journey, the process may seem complicated. To help make this process go smoothly, we’ve prepared a guide on how to germinate auto-flowering marijuana seeds. ....  read more

Harvesting Cannabis – How to Grade Your Cannabis Seeds

Raising a bountiful harvest of cannabis can be challenging, especially since it’s a type of plant that has very particular needs. You’ll need to set up an environment that can attend to its different requirements, from the right humidity levels to appropriate soil nutrient conditions. Any miscalculation you make can ruin an entire crop, leading your gardening efforts to waste. ....  read more