Things You’ll Want To know About Autoflowering Seeds

What are autoflowering seeds? Well, if that’s the question you asked yourself or find someone asking you, chances are that they’re talking about autoflowering cannabis. As the name implies, autoflowering seeds are a type of cannabis seed that will automatically flower. In fact, autoflowering cannabis seeds will flower regardless of the light cycle. This meansRead more ⟶

5 High Yield Autoflower Strains That You Need to Know About

Autoflowering cannabis strains are known for being hardy and easy to grow, but many people believe that they don’t yield as much as other strains. However, modern autoflowering strains are much more powerful and yield just as much as photoperiod strains. Given this, you may be interested in learning more about autoflowering strains. To helpRead more ⟶

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Introduction: Autoflowering Cannabis Research The cannabis plant has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. The earliest known medical reference to the cannabis plant was found in a Chinese medical text from 2800 BC. Our understanding of the endocannabinoid system and its therapeutic potential has evolved significantly in recent years. In the United States, theRead more ⟶

Autoflowering vs Photoperiod: The Best Cannabis Seed to Grow

The first thing people should understand in growing cannabis at home is that there are three types to choose from—autoflowering, regular, and feminised. Choosing autoflowering seeds might be the best choice for people wanting an easy way in. However, how is it different from the photoperiod seeds, such as regular and feminised? The Differences AmongRead more ⟶

Autoflower Cannabis – When is the Ideal Time to Harvest

Harvesting buds is not as simple as chopping branches, drying them out, and hanging them in your closet when you’re having a party. You need to wait for the right moment to pick your flowers in order to get the best possible effect. Auto Harvesting Harvest time. It sounds so simple, right? Of course, itRead more ⟶

Reasons You Should Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Many people think that autoflowering strains are due to fancy genetic modification. But the truth is, they are a product of years of careful breeding, which is a cross between regular Indica and Sativa strains with ruderalis lineages. The latter, ruderalis, is cannabis found in colder areas in the world, like China or Northern Russia.Read more ⟶

An Inside Introduction to How Autoflower Seeds Are Made

Life can get pretty stressful, but all you need sometimes is to just reset and recharge by utilising cannabis seeds. Whether it’s for mixing into your oil, creating your own special medicinal blend or more, it can be rather freeing to use for whatever purpose you’d like. Cannabis offers quite a number of prospects forRead more ⟶

What You Need to Know About Growing Cannabis Outdoors in the UK

If you use CBD, you probably wonder if you can grow cannabis in your yard in the UK. The short answer to that is yes (although you will need a license from the Home Office if you do not wish to break the law). However, different parts of the country pose varying challenges. For instance,Read more ⟶

The 3 Most Potent Autoflowering Strains Available In The UK Today

In the world of growing cannabis or marijuana, autoflowering strains are the most enjoyable and potential-packed. Considered by experts and budding horticulturists alike as the no-nonsense options of the bunch, these plants provide a much more approachable experience when it comes to growing. Compared to regular strains that are notoriously difficult to deal with, autofloweringRead more ⟶

Speeding Up the Buds – 3 Reasons to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Growing cannabis can challenge many green-thumbed cultivators, especially for those who are pressed for time either due to brutal weather conditions, high market demand, or your secret garden can’t thrive long in a not-so-cannabis-friendly neighbourhood. Whatever the reason behind rushing your Mary Jane’s flowering phase, the good news is that there is an effective wayRead more ⟶