How to Store Cannabis Seeds at the Right Temperature

When you want to preserve cannabis seeds and grow these plants in the future, storing them in the ideal temperature is paramount for your plans. As you may or may not be aware, these seeds are very sensitive as they are prone to moulds, pests, and other contaminants. If they are kept in changing temperatures and extreme conditions, they will be negatively impacted and eventually die, and that’s the last thing you’ll ever want to happen! ....  read more

Our Guide to Keeping Cannabis Seeds Fresh, Long-Lasting

There’s no denying the recent demand for cannabis plants due to their Cannabidiol (CBD) content. Several studies have confirmed the valuable health benefits of this compound as a treatment for chronic pain, depression and anxiety, neurodegenerative disorders, epilepsy, and even cancer. This is essentially why many hemp & marijuana growers are looking for superior, quality cannabis seeds to grow the plants in their backyard or grow tent. ....  read more

Our Guide to Preserving Your Cannabis Seeds the Right Way

Cannabis seeds can be easily damaged if not kept in the best condition. Once planted, the growth of your cannabis will depend on how you take care of and preserve their seeds before germination. Cannabis seeds are natural products, and thus, they can rot. If you want to get the best results during harvest, make sure that you take immediate steps once you have obtained your cannabis seeds. ....  read more

How to Store Cannabis Seeds Properly – 3 Important Factors to Consider

Did you just recently get a cannabis seed haul but cannot plant them all just yet? Don’t worry. You can store them and save them for later. However, they should be stored in the best conditions possible to prevent them from deteriorating or decaying. So, how to store cannabis seeds properly? Proper storage will also ensure that they will produce the best possible crops. What’s impressive about cannabis seeds is that they can enter a dormant stage, allowing desiccation or drying. This means that they’re meant for long-term storage. As long as you handle and store your seeds properly, you can expect them to survive. ....  read more