How to Spot Healthy Cannabis Plants

Any devoted grower should identify what a cannabis plant is indicating at various phases of its growth. This means that you will experience and learn from the strange phenomena that will occur on your crop. However, if your plant has a bright aura, you should be concerned since you will need to preserve it during the post-harvesting phase. Simply put, there’s a lot of work and effort that goes into growing cannabis. ....  read more

What You Should Know About Watering Cannabis Plants

It’s necessary to water plants in general, but watering cannabis plants is particularly important. There are several things to consider when the frequency of watering cannabis plants, especially if your purpose is to eventually have cannabis oil. This involves whether your plant is outdoors or indoors, the cultivar, the plant’s maturity, and the growth cycle chosen, amongst many others. ....  read more

Potting Your Pot – Choosing the Right Container for Your Cannabis Plant

Potting your pot – The cannabis industry is rising in different states and countries thanks to its steady legalization, which is why more green thumbs are trying their hand at nurturing Mary Jane in their backyards. Growing quality marijuana can be tricky, but before moving to the bells and whistles of the cultivation process, a good pot starts with the right pot. ....  read more