Potting Your Pot – Choosing the Right Container for Your Cannabis Plant

Potting your pot – The cannabis industry is rising in different states and countries thanks to its steady legalization, which is why more green thumbs are trying their hand at nurturing Mary Jane in their backyards. Growing quality marijuana can be tricky, but before moving to the bells and whistles of the cultivation process, a good pot starts with the right pot. ....  read more

Our Guide to Preserving Your Cannabis Seeds the Right Way

Cannabis seeds can be easily damaged if not kept in the best condition. Once planted, the growth of your cannabis will depend on how you take care of and preserve their seeds before germination. Cannabis seeds are natural products, and thus, they can rot. If you want to get the best results during harvest, make sure that you take immediate steps once you have obtained your cannabis seeds. ....  read more

CBD Seedlings – 4 Tips to Help You Successfully Care for Them

CBD Seedlings – There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing your cannabis seeds bursting to life. If you want yours to grow well, then you need to start taking care of them properly, as early as their seedling stage. Your plants are at their most delicate when they’re seedlings, therefore, they require extra care. Here are some tips to help you take excellent care of your cannabis seedlings: ....  read more

3 Tips For Growing CBD-Rich Cannabis in the UK During Spring

Growing CBD-Rich Cannabis in the UK as spring takes full effect, green thumbs all over the country are celebrating the season, as it’s the perfect time to start a garden.

For English CBD growing enthusiasts in particular. Both seasoned and budding ones – springtime symbolises a great opportunity to start planning for the necessary supplies they’ll need for their cannabis therapy regimen. Given that CBD (cannabidiol, “canna,” “kk,” or what have you) grows in a cannabis plant, it’s safe to say that springtime is the perfect time to start planning for your future harvests. ....  read more