More Than a Plant – Why You Should Consider Eating Marijuana Seeds

Due to the prevalence of medicinal marijuana, many have been exploring the usability of the different parts of this plant for the human body. One particularly infamous part of this plant are the seeds. Because it does not have cannabinoids, which is what most people are after, these aren’t used for therapeutic purposes. However, despite not having it, it still does have some nutritional benefit in ingesting these little seeds. ....  read more

5 of the Best Uses of the Cannabis Plant’s Excess Materials

Cannabis Plant’s excess materials – Cannabis is a wonder plant that is known to have plenty of benefits. In the world of using the cannabis plant, people often progress into the next stages by becoming a horticulturist and start to purchase marijuana seeds to start growing their own stashes. With a little bit of tender loving care, these plants will grow in a span of a few months. Giving you your first harvest of bud. ....  read more

4 Ideas of What You Can Do With Your Cannabis Stems

Cannabis Stems – In the wonderful world of cannabis, stems rarely receive the love that they deserve. Some people throw their leftover stems away, while most people grind them up and consume them as they would the leaves. While this is definitely an option, keep in mind that stems do hold less tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) value than flowers. Instead of the beautiful high that you receive from the flowers, you’ll probably end up with the taste of wood and even a headache. ....  read more