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4 Ideas of What You Can Do With Your Cannabis Stems

Cannabis Stems – In the wonderful world of cannabis, stems rarely receive the love that they deserve. Some people throw their leftover stems away, while most people grind them up and consume them as they would the leaves. While this is definitely an option, keep in mind that stems do hold less tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) value than flowers. Instead of the beautiful high that you receive from the flowers, you’ll probably end up with the taste of wood and even a headache.

Nevertheless, there’s more to the humble stem than meets the eye. Your marijuana stem can actually still be used to make some high-quality bubble hash, cannabis tea, or marijuana liqueur.

In the sections below, we will share four other ideas of what you can do with your cannabis stems: 

1. You can use them for Bubble Hash

One way to get a second life out of your stems is to use them for bubble hash. The procedure is identical to using regular flowers. You will need to freeze the stems and throw them in a blender (as opposed to shaking) before sieving them, and in less than five minutes, your bubble hash will get you high just as well as any flower.

2. You can make Cannabis Tea

Pour 450 mL of water into a pot and add a tablespoon of coconut oil. Chop your cannabis stems and add them to your pot. Heat your mixture and bring it to a gentle boil while stirring. Then, keep the pot simmering for at least eight minutes in low to medium fire, and let the mixture reduce as desired. Once done, let it cool and enjoy the wonderful beverage with herbs and sweeteners.

If you want to consume it as tea, you may add mints, lemon, honey, or sugar. For lovers of chai, ginger, pepper, and even cardamom pods will do the trick!

3. You can combine their potent energies with alcohol to create Marijuana Liqueur

The happy marriage of ethanol and marijuana is possible because they are both “nonpolar.” First, pour your chosen alcohol onto a mason jar for easier access, and let a handful of your stems sit in the alcohol for at least a week. Since there is less THC content in the stems than in the flowers, you will probably need a few months and a few batches of stems.

4. You can use them to grow even more plants

If you have enough cannabis stems, you can use a wood chipper to grind them into mulch and add them as a reliable layer that will help in increased water retention, soil and root protection, as well as provide nutrients for growing even more cannabis! As the mulch breaks down, it releases nutrients back into the cycle, continuing the cycle of life for your next yield. Your CBD, Hemp, and RQ seeds will thank you for it!


At this point, you can now see that there is absolutely no need to throw away cannabis stems. Reusing them into any of the options above will not only give you more high for the buck, but it can also result in a healthier yield of new plants.

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