3 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Growing CBD Hemp Seeds

Thanks to the widespread legalisation of cannabis all over the United Kingdom, Brtish citizens have been afforded the opportunity to enjoy the beneficial herb in various forms.

From enjoying spliffs to ripping bongs, the manners in which one can enjoy nature’s medicine are nearly endless. Thanks to the ingenuity of researchers, manufacturers, and connoisseurs alike. Among all the different ways that you can consume CBD, however, one has become a hot topic and growing form of interaction within the emerging UK CBD market: growing hemp seeds. ....  read more

How to Legally Grow Hemp in the UK

A vast majority of the industrial hemp in the UK is grown locally and is used within the building and construction industry. This is because hemp has insulating properties that are used to fashion building-block material. hemp is also used in body care products, plastics, and paper. ....  read more

3 Benefits of Hemp Seeds as a Source of Protein

Hemp is one of the most multipurpose plants to-date as it has plenty of uses – from industrial applications to provide therapeutic benefits in the form of CBD from hemp extracts. In terms of enhancing your health, hemp doesn’t just contain cannabinoids that can provide pain relief and mood lifts. It also has nutritional attributes that make it an excellent source of protein. ....  read more

HEMP – What You Should Know About Its Nutritional Benefits

What do you need to know about hemp? You might be confused about the difference between hemp and marijuana. When talking about hemp, chances are you tend to associate it with marijuana. That said, the mere mention of either plant may conjure up images of people being ‘high’ conjures up. However, you should know that there’s a difference between these two plants, though both are under one classification. This is important because while marijuana still has a bad reputation among the public, the use of hemp has much nutritional value. ....  read more

Facts about Gluten-Free Hemp Seeds – What to Know

You might be allergic to gluten, or you want to try out the newest but expensive health fad swamping the gullible-minded these days. Either way, you want to avoid gluten at all cost. However finding gluten-free food can be challenging as most of the common food people eat – bread, pasta, cereal, and almost anything with food additives – contain gluten. You would also still have to consume protein-containing food for your body. Rye and wheat are out of the question, but seeds of other plants such as sunflower, watermelon, and hemp can be good alternatives. ....  read more

5 Great Health Benfits of Hemp Seeds & How to Eat Them

When we talk about the best supplements in the world, people often think along the lines of multivitamin capsules or miracle tablets that promise to ward off diseases. However, the best way to get the nutrients you need may be to add more natural products that are high in certain nutrients to your daily diet. ....  read more

How to Consume Hemp Seeds – All you Need to Know

If you’re looking for an alternative to the supplements you’re taking, you may want to consider hemp seeds. They have a lot of protein, as well as other acids and nutrients that help your body and mind stay healthy. Despite their benefits, many people are still reluctant to eat them on a daily basis, as hemp seeds can at times have a stigma surrounding them. ....  read more