Hydroponics – The Secret to Growing Plants You Need To Know

Planting has become a popular hobby for so many people worldwide. Whatever you’re thinking of growing, you must be writing down the list of things you need already: seeds, plants, soil, and tools. Of course, if you’re new to all this, you might not know about hydroponics. Essentially, it is the practice of growing plantsRead more ⟶

Looking for Chill Weed to Smoke? Indica is the Way to Go.

When it comes to getting high, stoners today are exposed to different options, thanks to the creativity and experimentation of growers and dedicated research laboratories. Once you look into the available strains, you will realise that you’ll never run out of new experiences to try and enjoy because the options are growing by the hundredsRead more ⟶

5 Reasons You Should Start Growing Your Weed Hydroponically

Over the years, more people are finding ways to grow weed efficiently and effectively as growing techniques and technologies are readily available for the public. Nowadays, one of the most common methods of growing cannabis is hydroponics. Hydroponics basically refers to how you grow plants where nutrients are directly delivered to the roots using waterRead more ⟶

3 Fun Facts About Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis has been around for thousands of years, giving it a rich history that growers, researchers, and scientists still continue to study to this day. Despite its illegal use in many conservative countries, the legalisation and regularisation of its production have only been pushing forward in recent years, which means there’s still plenty of factsRead more ⟶

5 Cannabis Strains That Help You With Meditation

When we talk about meditation, we know right away what it’s about relaxation. And when we talk about cannabis and meditation, we realise that marijuana helps us feel our emotions deeper without being distracted by the outside noise. Meditation with weed has two important advantages: It prevents stress from getting into your system; It relievesRead more ⟶

Our Guide to CBD & THC Strains

CBD & THC Strains – The cannabis plant has posed many controversies, both in a negative and positive light. However, with various researches and medical breakthroughs, it has shown that there are many potentials that this plant brings. One notable difference is that this plant contains two of the most popular properties: cannabinoids (CBD) andRead more ⟶