Guide to Making Feminised Seeds

Some of the best weed sessions that most people have experienced are immensely enjoyable due to the fruits of the cannabis plant—particularly, that of the female of the plant species. Unlike the male variety, only the female plants can produce flowers that are rich in cannabinoids and contribute to the effects and flavours that consumers tend to look for. ....  read more

Understanding the Functions of Cells in Cannabis Plants

Have you ever sat down and wondered how the cannabis plant works? If all you’re interested in is smoking it, then we wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t.

However, the fact that you’re reading this means you’ve taken a particular interest in how the plant grows. That probably also means that you’re considering growing your own cannabis at home. ....  read more

Common Mistakes Novice Horticulturists Make When Planting For The First Time

Mistakes Novice Horticulturists Make – So you’ve probably smoked enough cannabis to know that you want more out of the experience, and what other way is better than to grow a plant yourself? We’re talking legally, of course. But before you go out and start purchasing whatever hemp seeds you see on the market, remember that these are special plants and require extra attention to grow. ....  read more

How to Grow Cannabis Buds to Maximise your Harvest

Growing large enough flowers to maximise cannabinoid content has proven to be a challenge for those who are tending to a weed garden. During the flowering phase of the plant, its flowers are highly-valued as they contain THC. The flowers of female plants contain the highest proportion of cannabinoids and are therefore the most significant kind. Want to make the most of your seeds? Here’s how to grow buds large enough to become the envy of all your friends! ....  read more

How to Legally Grow Hemp in the UK

A vast majority of the industrial hemp in the UK is grown locally and is used within the building and construction industry. This is because hemp has insulating properties that are used to fashion building-block material. hemp is also used in body care products, plastics, and paper. ....  read more