Our Guide on Auto-Flowering Cannabis Plants

Auto-Flowering Cannabis Plants – There’s no denying that growing and using cannabis plants have been widely talked about in recent times. One facet of the cannabis plants that are gradually taking grounds is the cannabis plant flower. When it comes to the plant’s flower, there’s one specific type of cannabis variety that has been especially gaining popularity—auto-flowering cannabis. This auto-flowering cannabis strain is said to have opened up a wide array of opportunities for cannabis growers and users across the globe. ....  read more

The Difference Between Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa

difference between Sativa and Indica – For the weed-smoking world, there are two types of Cannabis species: Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. There’s also a cross between these “species.” Users report that there is a difference between taste, smell, and level of high. However, is there such a difference? What does science say about the difference between Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica?  ....  read more

What is the meaning of 420

What is the meaning of 420 – Approximately 2 minute read

We’ve all heard of it and we all use it, but what does it mean exactly and where did it come from?

The term 420 is used around the world within the cannabis community with hashtags across social media like #420, #420life, #420girls, #420community, running into the hundreds of thousands of followers. ....  read more