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How Many Seeds Do You Need to Grow a Good Amount of Weed?

Growing weed: Once seen as a far-fetched dream by many, this hobby is now legal in many parts of the world and widely-available for canna-enthusiasts, hardline potheads, and curious growers alike.

Although it remained a crime for the longest time, and still does in many parts of the world. Growing marijuana has achieved prominence and became an interest for thousands of curious growers within the past few years. Thanks to unhampered legislation procedures and companies stepping up to make this the plant available to the public, it’s clear that there’s no better time to grow weed than today.

Now that growing kits are available everywhere, and seeds can be sent into your mailbox alongside your utility bill statements, having a beautiful cannabis plant right in your home’s windowsill is possible. Before you start growing your pot for culinary, smoking, or scientific purposes, however, you may have one question in mind: “How many seeds will I need to grow my marijuana plant?”

Why this question is bound to pop up

While the matter of seed count isn’t a new idea in the world of gardening, it’s an especially complex component in growing weed because of how greatly it affects the final result.

Whether you want to keep one plant or have enough to start a small plantation, the figure indeed counts when it comes to growing weed. Many go into the growing process with the idea that everything is straightforward, and figures are the same for all purposes, yet many budding gardeners eventually learn that this isn’t the case.

Thankfully, being able to grow high-quality marijuana plants by determining the right number of seeds to sow isn’t as complicated as it may sound. As long as you have all the necessary bits and pieces of knowledge in mind before approaching the task at hand and patting your first pot, everything will be a breeze!

The right number, for starters

One of the biggest misconceptions that newbie growers have about growing weed is that one the seed alone will suffice for having a beautiful, green plant.

However, the main reason one little seed isn’t enough to have a beautiful plant is that not every marijuana seed germinates, which is why it matters to have multiple seeds. Although the mindset to this reality of “dud seeds” can be taken differently and responded to accordingly, best practice dictates that using anywhere between three to ten seeds per grow can help negate the possibility of not seeing growth!

Going into the details

If you’re a bit more meticulous when it comes to doing anything, you might want to look into the details of determining the right amount of seeds per plant. To ensure that you start the process with a well-informed mind, let’s go over the different determining factors of seed growth success you’ll need to take into account:

1. Regular seeds vs feminised ones: An undeniable truth in the world of marijuana growing is that success always comes with female plants because they produce buds and males do not. This essentially explains why your seed choice matters.

While regular cannabis seeds may be cheaper than their feminised counterparts, the risk of having many of them turn into a male plant is a problem that you’ll come across! Fortunately, feminised cannabis seeds merit planting fewer seeds because you’re assured (a 99.9% per cent chance) that you’ll have a female plant with buds to boot if you’ve got the extra cash.

2. Germination rates: Apart from the type of cannabis seed, another factor that will influence the required amount you’ll need to plant is the germination rate expected for any option.

Generally, many factors affect the germination rate that can be expected with any particular seed. Yet, the quality of a pack bears the most significant influence by far because of certain practices used. Seeds that come from a trustworthy and experienced supplier—such as Coffee Shop Seeds—are far more likely to germinate so that you won’t need to plant as many as you would with an inadequate or standard supply!


The idea of planting enough weed seeds to create a beautiful marijuana plant may come off as a mystified topic with no clear answer. Yet, the truth is that it doesn’t take much digging to know how much you should put in to a grow. With the help of this quick guide, however, you can avoid any errors with your planting efforts and make sure that your first lot is guaranteed to provide a healthy yield!

However, each strain will be different to fill out your grow area. On Average, we would recommend at least three to five seeds sown per square metre of indoor grow space. But don’t forget to check the yield specification for the seeds your looking for.

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