Growing Marijuana Plants Successfully – Germination

Cultivating marijuana plants can enable you to have a convenient supply right at your fingertips. However, you need to be mindful of the proper care process and have access to the best marijuana seeds. Fortunately for you, all you have to do is keep reading to get started on your dreams of growing your marijuana garden. ....  read more

Our Guide to Pollinating Cannabis Plants for Seed Production

Pollinating Cannabis Plants – In the world of plants and vegetation, pollination plays a vital role in their life cycle. Pollination is the process of transferring pollen from a male to a female part of a plant for its fertilisation and seed production. This process is essential in creating offspring for the next generation. ....  read more

How Many Seeds Do You Need to Grow a Good Amount of Weed?

Growing weed: Once seen as a far-fetched dream by many, this hobby is now legal in many parts of the world and widely-available for canna-enthusiasts, hardline potheads, and curious growers alike.

Although it remained a crime for the longest time, and still does in many parts of the world. Growing marijuana has achieved prominence and became an interest for thousands of curious growers within the past few years. Thanks to unhampered legislation procedures and companies stepping up to make this the plant available to the public, it’s clear that there’s no better time to grow weed than today. ....  read more

What You Need To Know About Growing Cannabis in Your Home

Cannabis is a known plant around the world for various reasons. Although it’s more popular as an organic high-inducing plant, it also has healing properties that people with chronic pain can use. Because of this, many people develop better strategies to produce their cannabis gardens instead of buying suspicious products in the street. If you’re planning to grow cannabis in your home, read on to learn about the right and smart way to go about it. ....  read more

Common Mistakes Novice Horticulturists Make When Planting For The First Time

Mistakes Novice Horticulturists Make – So you’ve probably smoked enough cannabis to know that you want more out of the experience, and what other way is better than to grow a plant yourself? We’re talking legally, of course. But before you go out and start purchasing whatever hemp seeds you see on the market, remember that these are special plants and require extra attention to grow. ....  read more