How to Grow Outdoor Cannabis Even in Hot Climates

Cannabis is a versatile plant that can be grown indoors or outdoors. While growing cannabis indoors offers some advantages, such as more control over the environment, growing outdoors has its benefits. One of the biggest benefits of growing cannabis outdoors is it’s free. You don’t have to worry about paying for grow lights, ventilation, orRead more ⟶

Things You’ll Want To know About Autoflowering Seeds

What are autoflowering seeds? Well, if that’s the question you asked yourself or find someone asking you, chances are that they’re talking about autoflowering cannabis. As the name implies, autoflowering seeds are a type of cannabis seed that will automatically flower. In fact, autoflowering cannabis seeds will flower regardless of the light cycle. This meansRead more ⟶

5 High Yield Autoflower Strains That You Need to Know About

Autoflowering cannabis strains are known for being hardy and easy to grow, but many people believe that they don’t yield as much as other strains. However, modern autoflowering strains are much more powerful and yield just as much as photoperiod strains. Given this, you may be interested in learning more about autoflowering strains. To helpRead more ⟶

The Lowdown on Drying and Curing Your Fresh Cannabis Buds Effectively

If you’re like most cannabis enthusiasts, you’re probably anxious to try out your latest harvest. However, you can’t just smoke your cannabis buds fresh out of the plant. There’s more to the process of achieving quality pot than meets the eye, and part of the crucial steps include drying and curing. If you’re a cannabisRead more ⟶

What You Need To Know About Growing Marijuana Seeds

Growing marijuana isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time and energy, but once you are able to enjoy your first harvest, you know just how rewarding the entire effort really is. But of course, if you had previous experience growing other things before, then growing weed shouldn’t be too hard. However, whether you’re anRead more ⟶

Is It Better to Grow Marijuana Indoors or Outdoors

While marijuana is often used for recreational purposes, the cannabis plant can also offer many medical benefits. And that’s why some people like to grow their own marijuana instead of purchasing it from someone else. But if you’re planning to grow your own marijuana in the UK, you may be wondering whether you should plantRead more ⟶

4 Essential Elements Needed to Achieve Dense, Compact Cannabis Buds

When it comes to cannabis, there are several factors that determine an exceptional smoke sesh. The first is the overall experience, which includes the smell, taste and effects. The second is the high itself. An excellent high is one that provides an interesting, pleasant and uplifting feeling. This type of high is also memorable andRead more ⟶