Hydroponics – The Secret to Growing Plants You Need To Know

Planting has become a popular hobby for so many people worldwide. Whatever you’re thinking of growing, you must be writing down the list of things you need already: seeds, plants, soil, and tools. Of course, if you’re new to all this, you might not know about hydroponics. Essentially, it is the practice of growing plantsRead more ⟶

Understanding the Differences Between Indica and Sativa

Cannabis has slowly but surely started to become more commonplace all over the world. Different products such as edibles and cannabis oil are now used by millions of people from all over the world. So much so that people nowadays are now more aware of the different cannabis seeds, types, and strains. Now, we understandRead more ⟶

Keeping Your Cannabis Seeds Alive Part 1 – Proper Storage Tips You Should Know

Growers likely have a stash of high-quality cannabis seeds. As for non-commercial cultivators, storing the rest is a viable and cost-effective way to maintain your crop. Cannabis seeds are durable by nature, but that doesn’t mean you can leave them in your closet and expect a fruitful harvest down the line. If you plan toRead more ⟶

Speeding Up the Buds – 3 Reasons to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Growing cannabis can challenge many green-thumbed cultivators, especially for those who are pressed for time either due to brutal weather conditions, high market demand, or your secret garden can’t thrive long in a not-so-cannabis-friendly neighbourhood. Whatever the reason behind rushing your Mary Jane’s flowering phase, the good news is that there is an effective wayRead more ⟶

4 Cannabis Strains That Can Grow Outside Despite the UK Climate

The UK climate is not exactly known as an idyllic paradise. We live in a temperate region. We get cold winters and warm summers—and both incredibly wet. The climate of the different parts of the UK can also differ, but this is bearable for the people who live there. Cannabis, however, may not be asRead more ⟶

Male vs. Female Cannabis Seeds – Is There a Difference?

Since cannabis has become more accessible than ever, more and more people have entertained the idea of growing their own weed. Regardless of current restrictions on growing cannabis, anyone can successfully grow cannabis at home, thanks to the available educational material. The Appeal of Growing Your Own Cannabis Plants Aside from accessibility, many recommend purchasingRead more ⟶

Indoor Cannabis Seeds – Which Type is Best for First Time Growers?

Growing your own weed is an entirely different and rewarding experience than just consuming it. You get to watch the entire process and lifecycle of how cannabis seeds mature. To first-time growers, the process of cultivating seeds may seem overwhelming at first. However, growing weed indoors needn’t be difficult. You just need to understand aRead more ⟶

What to Know About The Light Cycle for Cannabis Growth & Yield

When it comes to growing cannabis plants, proper lighting is an important part of the overall process. This is because the light cycle for flowering cannabis directly affects your crop’s quality and yield. With an appropriate light cycle, you can expect your cannabis plant to grow healthily and yield a good harvest in time. InRead more ⟶

Feminised or Regular, Which Cannabis Seeds Should You Get?

When planning to start a cannabis farm, you need to decide what type of cannabis seed you want to grow. If you are not familiar yet, there are two types you can choose from: a feminised and a regular seed. The two seeds have several differences, but their main difference is the sex of theRead more ⟶