Male vs Female CBD Seeds: How to Know the Difference?

Male vs Female CBD Seeds: How to Know the Difference?

If you are interested in growing your cannabis, it’s essential to familiarise yourself with cannabis seeds and their sexes. Male or female seeds have their own characteristics, and each has its value for growers. For instance, males are essential for producing more seeds, while females are beneficial for their THC-filled buds.

Learn more about male and female CBD seeds when you keep reading.

What Is a Male Cannabis Seed?

A male cannabis seed is a flower birthed from the same mother. They are an offshoot of the original plant and can even produce their own seeds. This means that a male cannabis seed can produce offspring for you.

While male cannabis seeds are sometimes consumed, they are not very popular, mainly because of the need to overcome the psychoactive effects.

Adult males have no use for bud growers, but they are a great form of reproduction if you want to grow more plants.

What Is a Female Cannabis Seed?

A female cannabis seed is a flower birthed from the same mother. They are an offshoot of the original plant and can even produce their own seeds when a male plant pollinates them.

The majority of cannabis growers are interested in female cannabis seeds because they are the ones that produce buds. These buds contain rich compounds beneficial to humans, such as THC and CBD.

Is There a Way to Differentiate Male Cannabis Seeds from Female Ones?

One of the most important things that you can do to ensure quality CBD cannabis seeds is to identify their sex. Here are some myths in the community about male and female seeds.

Myth #1: Female Seeds Have Crater-Like Impressions

This is one of the most popular myths. Male cannabis seeds tend to have large, flat indentations on the surface, while female seeds look more like a smooth ball. However, this impression is not precise because the truth is that both sexes can show up with these impressions.

Myth #2: Male Seeds Are Heavier and Larger than Female Seeds

There is no concrete evidence that male seeds are heavier than female seeds. In reality, these two types of seeds can vary in their weight and size. Some male seeds can be lighter than female seeds.

Myth #3: Female Seeds Are Smoother than Male Ones

The truth is, male and female seeds can come in all sorts of textures, including smooth and rough. The roughness and smoothness of the seeds have nothing to do with their sex.

What Is the Only Way to Determine the Sex of Cannabis Seeds?

If you’d like to know the sex of your CBD cannabis seeds, you can do so by looking for male and female characteristics. Ultimately, this is only possible by growing the plants.

However, if you want to be sure, the secret is to buy your cannabis seeds from a reliable and reputable seed bank. A reputable seed bank will plant both male and female seeds to grow your cannabis. This way, the sex of the seeds is already determined and will not be an issue.

Male vs female cannabis seeds
Female and Male Cannabis Plants

Final Thoughts

As you now know, the sex of cannabis seeds plays an essential role in the growth and development of your plants. Whenever possible, it’s crucial to invest in high-quality seeds, which you can purchase from a reputable seed bank. Once you’ve found your perfect cannabis seeds, you can grow them in your greenhouse or indoor garden.

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