Cannabis as a COVID-19 Treatment

What You Should Know About Cannabis as a COVID-19 Treatment

When it comes to cannabis, there’s been detailed research over the years about its therapeutic effects. Cannabinoids such as CBD and THC are both typically used for various symptom treatments. With that in mind, given the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, many people have wondered what effect cannabis has when it comes to COVID-19.

Once upon a time, cannabis was viewed as something negative. That said, cannabis’ therapeutic properties have undergone considerable research over the years. With that, more and more cannabis products have entered the mainstream, such as cannabis oil. Health benefits that have been uncovered include relief from anxiety and pain, as well as inflammation being reduced.

As previously mentioned, the likes of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are widely used. They’re quite easy to use and their therapeutic benefits are rather extensive.

Cannabis in the Time of COVID-19

COVID-19 is a global illness that we’ve all had to deal with for well over a year now. It’s brought millions of deaths worldwide, led to economies being at risk of fully collapsing and brought international borders to a close. The global coronavirus pandemic has been nothing short of a prolonged tragedy that’s not over yet. It’s a possibly fatal contagious respiratory disease which can lead to fatigue, difficulty breathing and an intense fever.

Will cannabis be able to help at all when it comes to fighting the coronavirus?

In January of 2021, the journal Aging published a study that found that it’s possible for cannabis to help patients that have COVID-19.

Understanding Cytokine Storm

COVID-19 is a complex virus that greatly affects your respiratory system. When the body experiences severe acute respiratory distress, a cytokine storm may happen. This is a biological event where the body experiences increased inflammation as an immune response. Instead of fighting off the virus, the body attacks its own cells and tissues.

Since Cannabis is known to fight off inflammation in the body, can Cannabis prevent inflammation caused by COVID-19?

In a cytokine storm study, they examined if the type of cannabis called C.Sativa can reduce multiple cytokines in the body.

They found out that this type of cannabis cuts down on pathways that are related to fibrosis and inflammation. IL-6 and TNFa are two of the cytokines that ended up reduced by C.Sativa. They are assumed to be the primary targets when a COVID-19 cytokine storm is trying to be prevented, as well as acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Several studies also support cannabis’ ability to block a cytokine storm in COVID-19 patients. When a cytokine storm is blocked, the body is able to recover from the virus, and it prevents incurable conditions such as lung fibrosis from occurring.


COVID-19 is an intensive disease that has caused millions of deaths worldwide. Given the way cannabis has become widespread in the mainstream, there’s been a question as to whether it can help with the novel coronavirus. Several studies have come out showing that cannabis can help prevent a cytokine storm, which is an unfortunate biological event in COVID-19 patients that attacks healthy cells, causing major inflammation in the body that can be fatal.

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