Hemp leaf burn

Important Things You Should Know about Hemp Leaf Burn

Today, the world of hemp growing and cultivation has vastly progressed and grown. While plenty of knowledge and resources are available now, we still have a lot to learn. Although hemp growers devote a lot of attention to their cultivation process, they can still encounter problems. One of these problems is hemp leaf burn.

Today, we’re going to learn all about leaf burn. Here’s what you need to know about it:

What is Hemp Leaf Burn?

Hemp leaf burn is a form of leaf burn associated with hemp farming. For many farmers, it is a leading cause of crop damage. When a plant’s leaves are burned by exposure to too much heat or sun, it leaves the plant unable to photosynthesise or perform other vital functions.

Usually, when a plant is exposed to too much light or heat, it will close its stomata. This helps to protect the plant. They will also produce a protective layer that will help shade them from the sun. Shading allows the plant to protect itself from the sun’s heat and light. However, hemp plants do not have this natural protection. When these plants are exposed to too much heat and light, the leaves will eventually burn.

What Causes Hemp Leaf Burn?

When you’re in the cultivation process, it’s essential to watch the heat levels around your plants. Many people say that the plant itself is not prone to leaf burn. Instead, the problem occurs because of the environment the plant is in.

Some of the most common causes of this leaf burn include irregular watering and temperature control. In addition to this, the type of light used to illuminate the plants is also a leading cause of hemp leaf burn.

How to Spot Leaf Burn

Take a close look at the leaves closest to the light source. If your lights (presume an indoor grow) are too close to your plants your leaves will begin to turn yellow, usually around the edge to start. This will then spread to other areas of your plant. If left, the leaves will begin to turn brown (Literally burn), leaves will be pale in colour possibly with brown spots.

How to Treat it?

To treat it, you will first want to get the plant more water. This will help to keep the plant healthy and hydrated. You will want to make sure to mist them a few times a day to ensure that they’re getting what they need. This is especially important when the temperatures are high. If growing indoors, raise your lights 15-30cm higher.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll want to add a fungicide to your fertiliser. This will help keep your plants healthy and strong. Not only that, but it’s essential to make sure that the temperature levels don’t get too high.

How to Prevent Hemp Leaf Burn?

Preventing leaf burn is not a very difficult thing to do. There are a few ways to prevent the leaves of your hemp plant from burning.

First and foremost, it’s important to make sure that your plant has plenty of water. Hemp plants can use quite a bit of water, at least several gallons of water a day. Without proper watering, the plant will not keep up with its other needs. In addition to this, you’ll also want to make sure that the temperature of the water is not too hot or cold. If the water is too hot, it will damage the plant. If it’s too cold, it will cause the leaves to wilt.

In addition to water, you’ll also want to make sure plenty of air movement around your plant. Hemp plants need air circulation. The plant must get enough air circulation to help keep it from getting too hot.


Hemp leaf burn is a common problem for hemp cultivators. However, it’s not always the plant’s fault. It can be a result of the plant’s environment, or it could be something as simple as a temperature control issue.

At the end of the day, it’s essential to make sure that your plants are getting what they need. This will most likely be a water issue. If your plants are not getting enough moisture, that will cause the plant’s leaves to burn.

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