Feminised or regular cannabis seeds

Feminised or Regular, Which Cannabis Seeds Should You Get?

When planning to start a cannabis farm, you need to decide what type of cannabis seed you want to grow. If you are not familiar yet, there are two types you can choose from: a feminised and a regular seed. The two seeds have several differences, but their main difference is the sex of the plants you would produce. Like other plants, there is a female and male cannabis plant, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. The best way to know which one fits your farm is to set a clear goal.

This article will introduce you to the differences between the two seed options and their good and bad points. By the end of this article, may you find which seeds you would like to invest in.

Understanding Regular Seeds and Feminised Seeds

  • Regular Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are the result of the pollination between male cannabis plant and female cannabis plant. They can either turn to male or female cannabis plants, and there is no other way for you to find out besides waiting for them to grow into tiny plants and develop some flowers.

Regular seeds are the best options should you want more varieties for your cannabis plants. They are best used for breeding or cloning purposes. They are cheaper and can grow into healthier and more robust plants. They have higher resistance to different stressors and temperature variations. The only downside is that you would not know whether you would have female or male plants. You might find your farm filled with male plants or female plants in a few months. Any chance is possible.

Male Cannabis Plant
  • Feminised Seeds

Feminised seeds would look exactly the same as regular cannabis seeds. What makes feminised seeds different from regular seeds is how they lack male chromosomes. They are seeds that came from two female plants, specially treated to produce only female plants.

Choosing this type of plant helps growers who do not want pollination to take place. Pollens can kill cannabis buds. With feminised seeds, you can focus on growing the buds instead of desiring more seeds. Moreover, feminised seeds are suitable for beginners. They are also good seeds for cloning if that is part of your farming goals. The only downside is that they are not suitable for all crops.

If you are after the practicality and simplicity of growing cannabis seeds, feminised seeds can give you that experience. You can save on time, resources and the effort you need to grow them well. You can germinate the seeds you only need, and there is no sexing required, which can be a challenging task for beginner growers.

Female Cannabis Plant


Both feminised and regular seeds have different purposes. The answer to which seeds would be the best option for you depends on your goal as a grower. If you are after a flowering type of marijuana seed, a feminised seed will help you grow that faster and safer. Meanwhile, if your goal is to start developing your strains, cultivate seeds or clone your crops, then the regular seeds would be best for you.

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