What You Need to Know About Growing Cannabis Outdoors in the UK

If you use CBD, you probably wonder if you can grow cannabis in your yard in the UK. The short answer to that is yes (although you will need a license from the Home Office if you do not wish to break the law). However, different parts of the country pose varying challenges. For instance,Read more ⟶

Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Outdoors

With the newest generation of weed seeds, growing autoflowering plants is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss! Autoflowering cannabis seeds have been getting a whole lot of attention and good reviews over the past few years. As time goes by, autoflowering cannabis only becomes more potent, higher-yielding and better-tasting. However, even with the goodRead more ⟶

4 Cannabis Strains That Can Grow Outside Despite the UK Climate

The UK climate is not exactly known as an idyllic paradise. We live in a temperate region. We get cold winters and warm summers—and both incredibly wet. The climate of the different parts of the UK can also differ, but this is bearable for the people who live there. Cannabis, however, may not be asRead more ⟶

What You Need To Know About Growing Cannabis in Your Home

Cannabis is a known plant around the world for various reasons. Although it’s more popular as an organic high-inducing plant, it also has healing properties that people with chronic pain can use. Because of this, many people develop better strategies to produce their cannabis gardens instead of buying suspicious products in the street. If you’reRead more ⟶

Defend Your Greens – 3 Ways to Stop Caterpillars Wreaking havoc to Your Cannabis Plants

Growing cannabis in the great outdoors comes with plenty of perks – from having more space to expand your dank collection to producing bigger yields the next harvest season. Of course, the outdoors also has its drawbacks, most of which involve fending off pest infestation from feasting on the green crop. Infamous pests like aphids,Read more ⟶

Choosing the Right Outdoor Cannabis Seeds for your climate – Our Guide

Choosing Outdoor Cannabis Seeds – Dating as far back as 2737 BC in China, cannabis has been used widely for its psychoactive effects. Since then, cannabis has spread globally and grown well in various climate conditions. Cannabis now grows wild in many diverse places, such as Mexico, the UK, China, India, Alaska, and Russia, amongRead more ⟶