What You Need To Know About Growing Cannabis in Your Home

Cannabis is a known plant around the world for various reasons. Although it’s more popular as an organic high-inducing plant, it also has healing properties that people with chronic pain can use. Because of this, many people develop better strategies to produce their cannabis gardens instead of buying suspicious products in the street. If you’re planning to grow cannabis in your home, read on to learn about the right and smart way to go about it. ....  read more

Choosing the Right Outdoor Cannabis Seeds for your climate – Our Guide

Choosing Outdoor Cannabis Seeds – Dating as far back as 2737 BC in China, cannabis has been used widely for its psychoactive effects. Since then, cannabis has spread globally and grown well in various climate conditions. Cannabis now grows wild in many diverse places, such as Mexico, the UK, China, India, Alaska, and Russia, among others. It is now an adaptable plant that’s able to thrive in many conditions. For those who intend to grow cannabis outdoors, this is now achievable. ....  read more