What You Should Know About Watering Cannabis Plants

What You Should Know About Watering Cannabis Plants

It’s necessary to water plants in general, but watering cannabis plants is particularly important. There are several things to consider when the frequency of watering cannabis plants, especially if your purpose is to eventually have cannabis oil. This involves whether your plant is outdoors or indoors, the cultivar, the plant’s maturity, and the growth cycle chosen, amongst many others.

There is no singular ideal way to go about watering house plants in general. The same logic goes for cannabis plants. Depending on the grower’s practical needs, however, there are several ways it can be done.

Here is what you should know about watering cannabis plants:

The standard way of watering plants is from the top, with small amounts being added often

In doing so, there is no danger of the plant becoming oversaturated. Typically, the amount of water added becomes enough when the medium used for growing turns moist. Taking on this style of watering allows the medium used for growing to be constantly saturated without drying out.

Watering plants from the top is also applied in another common style

The difference here is that the amount of water poured in is just enough for a slow stream of it to eventually flow to the bottom of whatever pots are being used. Doing it this way allows oxygen to go through the growth medium in full because of air displacement.

Drip stakes will be able to help with organic cannabis growth, allowing it to go faster

Vegetable farming on a commercial scale often goes this route, and large-scale crop is best watered that way too. Watering with this technique ensures the correct amount of watering with or without added nutrients.

Watering your plant and using a nutrient solution on it is a different thing

Using plain water is self-explanatory, especially since organic living soil already has all the vital elements. Cannabis plants’ root hairs, in particular, don’t need much more than a fine water film to extract whatever is necessary.

Avoid oversaturating your medium for growth

Your plant will try its best to move the water through either its root zone or foliage. overwatering will endanger your plant growth’s integrity, leading to stunted growth in turn. If your fan leaves have wilted, that is a sign of an oversaturated root zone.

If your root zone is wet and cold for too long, your entire garden will get infected by anaerobic bacteria

This will essentially mean death for all of your plants. Felt pots have gained popularity due to the need for the root zone to remain rich in oxygen.

It should be noted that it’s also possible to not water plants enough, and this is something that should also be avoided.


A number of people germinate cannabis seeds and go on to grow their own cannabis plants for their own personal purposes. Watering plants overall, whether house plants or cannabis plants, does not have a singular way of being done. However, there are common ways to go about it, which involve watering from the top and using just enough water to avoid oversaturation.

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