Grade Your Cannabis Seeds

Harvesting Cannabis – How to Grade Your Cannabis Seeds

Raising a bountiful harvest of cannabis can be challenging, especially since it’s a type of plant that has very particular needs. You’ll need to set up an environment that can attend to its different requirements, from the right humidity levels to appropriate soil nutrient conditions. Any miscalculation you make can ruin an entire crop, leading your gardening efforts to waste.

Grading your cannabis seeds before you plant them

Unlike what some veterans would have you believe, growing cannabis has little to do with luck and more with precision. This is why you need to be precise and observant, even before you start watering your cannabis seeds. Before you start wasting your resource, it’s necessary to ensure that you’re planting a good investment. Although you can’t exactly predict a cannabis plant’s growth, you can identify if it’ll be worth your time to raise.

If you’re planning to grow a bountiful harvest, here are three signs you should be cautious of:

1. Green and white colouring

If you’re taking seeds from your plant rather than through the bud, you need to know the best time to remove them. Once they start showing a rich, brown colour, it’s generally a good sign that they’re ripe for planting. However, you need to reconsider your planting timelines if you start seeing green or white tinges on the seed. This is a sign that they are immature seeds that will struggle to survive after planting. Although they’re technically not bad seeds, they can be worth a lot of time and resources but yield suboptimal results. It’s best to avoid these seeds if you’re buying this from a seller, especially if they offer them at a low price.

2. Weak and powdery texture

In contrast to premature seeds, older seeds tend to be weaker and easier to break apart. They can even start flaking with minimal force, which you can feel through a powdery texture. Unfortunately, this is where the dilemma of gauging your cannabis’ seeds ages begin. Cannabis seeds can last for years, especially if they’re in storage under the right conditions. However, leaving them in a poor environment can cause them to age and deteriorate faster, causing them to be unusable in a matter of months.

3. Mould and pest damage

Like any plant, cannabis seeds can be vulnerable to different forms of damage. If you’re growing your plants outdoors, they’re more susceptible to pests that can infiltrate your garden. On the other hand, indoor setups are at risk of dealing with mold growth due to the artificial growing conditions. These contaminants can slow down and even kill your cannabis plants, from their leaves to their seeds. This is why you need to be mindful about maintaining a hygienic work environment that’s safe for your crops. You should carry over this carefulness when judging cannabis seeds that feel odd and damaged since it can be due to an illness or pest attack.


It’s not uncommon to have a few bad seeds, especially if you’re starting out. However, the resources you’ll spend on them as they grow stunted or too vulnerable to produce a crop can be a significant loss. The best way to avoid having damaged seeds to begin with is by getting the right products from a reliable source. The better quality of seeds you have at the start, the greater chances you have in curating a bountiful harvest.

Finding the right supplier is an excellent way to start growing healthy and fruitful crops. At Coffee Shop Seeds, we sell premium grade cannabis seeds in the UK for cannabis and CBD aficionados.  Order a wide selection of strains from our website to grow a healthy and bountiful harvest today!

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