Male vs Female cannabis seeds

Male vs. Female Cannabis Seeds – Is There a Difference?

Since cannabis has become more accessible than ever, more and more people have entertained the idea of growing their own weed. Regardless of current restrictions on growing cannabis, anyone can successfully grow cannabis at home, thanks to the available educational material.

The Appeal of Growing Your Own Cannabis Plants

Aside from accessibility, many recommend purchasing weed seeds and growing them yourself because you can have complete control. Unlike in the past when weed supply was hard to come by, and you had to make do with what’s available today, you can have power over the quality of your weed.

From seed germination to harvest, drying, curing, and smoking, you have a say on what to do and how to do it. You can even be creative—go wild and experiment as much as you want! You can try out various growing methods and training techniques that you’ve always been curious about. Besides the opportunity to experiment, you will also have the freedom to try different things with the plant parts.

If you’re the type to enjoy making things yourself, you’ll definitely love planting cannabis!

Know the Sex Before Your Grow

Although growing cannabis plants can prove to be fulfilling and fun, there are things you’ll still need to follow and remember. Growing plants is a big responsibility, after all! If you want to have a successful harvest that you can be proud of, you will first have to figure out the sex of your weed seeds.

Aside from choosing the right supplier and creating an environment conducive for growth, you should also remember to determine the sex of the marijuana seeds you’ll get. Every strain has its own characteristics, but each one has male and female sexes. Although both important, it’s essential to differentiate between the two sexes, as each one has different uses!

Male vs female cannabis seeds
Female and Male Cannabis Plants

The Difference Between Male and Female Seeds

Female cannabis plants produce a resin-secreting flower, while the males make tiny sacs near the base of the leaves. The pollen that the male plants produce is needed for reproduction, so you’ll need to have a male plant to make your own seeds. There’s really no other use for male plants besides reproduction—if you want to grow regular plants and harvest flowers, you’ll have to get rid of them.

Female plants are the ones that everyone wants. Since they’re the ones that make buds, which is the part that contains the most THC. You can tell if the plant is female if its flowers don’t fully close and produce pistils, which male plants do not have.

It can be a hassle waiting for your marijuana seeds to grow before finding out if you have more female or male ones. If it turns out that you have both male and female plants in the same area, then you won’t be able to smoke anything. However, there’s nothing you can do but wait. Once the plants begin to pre-flower, you will be able to tell which of your plants are male or female.


When growing cannabis plants, you can’t forget about sex! It is in knowing the sex of your plants you will be able to breed and harvest successfully. If you don’t want to risk growing male cannabis plants, you can instead purchase feminised autoflowering seeds from us at Coffee Shop Seeds.

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