Germinating marijuana seeds

Growing Marijuana Plants Successfully – Germination

Cultivating marijuana plants can enable you to have a convenient supply right at your fingertips. However, you need to be mindful of the proper care process and have access to the best marijuana seeds. Fortunately for you, all you have to do is keep reading to get started on your dreams of growing your marijuana garden.

This article will provide you with practical tips on growing marijuana plants. Take this as an opportunity to have a fresh stock of marijuana, enjoy its benefits, and think about the possibility of going into the cannabis business.

Prioritise Germination

Germination simply means the development of a marijuana seed into a plant. This is a tender moment for any marijuana gardener because it indicates that they did all the right things to make the seeds grow.

You can find the same success as other gardeners for as long as you remember these key elements to a healthy marijuana plant: darkness, moisture, and warmth. You can manage all three key elements effectively when you have all the right tools and follow the right procedure.

The Germination Process of Marijuana Plants

For the germination process of your marijuana seeds, you will need access to clean water, a thermometer, two germination dishes (kitchen plates are usually fine, make sure they are similar in size and shape), and chlorine-free or unbleached paper towels. Follow these steps carefully:

  1. Cut a paper towel into two parts, fold each in half, and slightly wet them (wring out excess water if the paper towel is too damp).
  1. Place one of the slightly wet paper towels on the germination dish, then place the marijuana seeds on it by plotting them on their rounded end. Ensure that all the seeds are half an inch apart to avoid growing roots from getting tangled together.
  1. You can then cover the seeds with the other slightly wet paper towel and place the other germination dish on top.
  1. Keep your seeds in a dark, humid place, and allow them to soak up all the moisture.
  1. Monitor your marijuana seeds at least two times daily. Make sure not to forget that the seeds can easily die, and don’t overcheck either because you may expose them to outside elements. Marijuana seeds typically crack and start to grow tiny roots and shoots within two to three days.
  1. Transfer all the marijuana seeds to your growing medium with the appropriate seedling tray. Make sure that the growing medium is at the correct pH as well.  Ideally PH levels should be between 6 to 7. You can find more details on the pH by reading our blog ‘How pH Levels Affect Cannabis Growth’
  1. Keep your marijuana seedlings in a nice, warm place of at least 24 degrees Celsius. You can also use heating lamps for your plants for three days up to a week after planting them in the seedling tray.
  1. Make sure that you water your marijuana seedlings with clean, 6–6.5 pH water. You should also be mindful of the amount of water that you give. Use either a spoon, spray bottle, or small cup.


Growing a marijuana garden can be rewarding, but you need to commit to all the guidelines regarding proper germination to ensure that you can have high-quality plants. You also need to find the best seeds to ensure that you can get the best results. Remember all the previously mentioned information and grow your marijuana successfully!

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Germination of Marijuana seeds is illegal in many Countries. Please ensure you are not breaking the law in your jurisdiction.

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