Sourcing Healthy Cannabis Seeds

Your Guide to Sourcing Healthy Cannabis Seeds

Sourcing Healthy Cannabis Seeds – Every one of those tiny cannabis seeds in your hand has the potential to grow into a full-grown plant. It’s amazing to think that so much can grow from such tiny things. The many health benefits it brings are also undeniable, so it’s no wonder people are interested in growing them!

Although the process may seem daunting, growing cannabis is easy once you’ve found the right seeds. Follow this guide to learn more about sourcing and identifying the perfect starter seeds for your cannabis!

What’s Your Source?

The simplest way to obtain the best seeds is to find a reputable source. A good seed bank should pride themselves on their breeding skills, as this is the only way to ensure that their customers receive what is expected. Delivering any less would harm their reputation, so you’ll surely be receiving quality seeds!

If you’re looking for other ways of Sourcing Healthy Cannabis Seeds, however, try getting your seeds from a hobbyist. While they may not have the same set of standards that professional growers hold themselves to, many have the same knowledge as seed banks—and there’s nothing wrong with supporting local!

The Characteristics of a Healthy Cannabis Seed

If you already have seeds at hand and are looking to identify its quality, you will be able to tell a lot of its health just by looking. Here are the characteristics of a CBD seed:

  • Dark colour: A good seed will be black, brown, or grey. If your seeds are green or white, they will not sprout as they are immature. They should also have spots or stripes all around their tiny frames.
  • Waxy coating: Healthy seeds have waxy thin coatings around, almost always appearing to have a slight sheen.
  • Hard shells: A healthy seed should be squeezed lightly without crushing it—anything that fails this test is dead or weak.
  • No cracks: Any holes or cracks present means the seed will not sprout.

Ways To Test Cannabis Seeds

If you still wish to know the full extent of your seeds’ health, there are ways to test them. Here are two of the most common ways:

Method #1: Floating the CBD seeds in water

This is a test that works for many different seeds and not just cannabis. It’s quite simple to do: take your seeds and drop them in a cup of warm water. After this, wait for a couple of hours. Seeds that have sunk signify a healthy state, but floating ones are typically weak and dead. Keep in mind that soaking them in water could potentially harm your seed—only do so if you’re ready to germinate them.

Method #2: Simply germinate the seed

This one method is quite obvious, but it’s the most effective way of knowing the health of your seeds. If you truly wish to know if your hemp seed can germinate, go ahead and germinate it—you’ve nothing to lose!

The Takeaway

Growing and caring for plants is always fun and rewarding to do, but the success of your hobby depends on the quality of the seeds you have. It’s nice to be informed, but the best thing you can do is to place them in soil and watch. Remember that the source plays a crucial role in its growth—so long as you find the right supplier, there’s nothing to worry about!

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