Making Feminised seeds

Guide to Making Feminised Seeds

Some of the best weed sessions that most people have experienced are immensely enjoyable due to the fruits of the cannabis plant—particularly, that of the female of the plant species. Unlike the male variety, only the female plants can produce flowers that are rich in cannabinoids and contribute to the effects and flavours that consumers tend to look for.

Many growers are turning to feminised cannabis seeds, which grow into female plants exclusively due to a change in their genetic makeup. Using technology to seed feminisation can allow modern breeders to ensure female genetics in seeds with a higher success rate.

There are many advantages to growing and smoking plants grown with feminised seeds. Here are some of the perks and everything you need to know about it:

Growing Feminised Cannabis

Growing good cannabis from the right seeds is all about producing trichomes (fine plant outgrowths), resinous flowers, and rich cannabinoid profiles. Only female flowering cannabis plants carry all three characteristics that will produce the best nuggets for smoking or ingesting. Without the feminising technique, however, regular cannabis seeds have equal chances of growing into male or female plants.

The feminising technique allows you to produce more female plants than the male species by manipulating a few aspects. While it isn’t 100% accurate, using this technique will give you a female cannabis plant almost 99% of the time—which is a great success rate for any grower! Feminisation occurs when female plants are forced to pollinate other female plants.

The Reason for Feminising Seeds

Both indoor and outdoor gardeners can benefit from feminised seeds, which preserve resources and prevent them from going to plants that will be tossed after doing the 12-12 flip. Feminised plants also reduce guerilla crop pollinating, which is when pollination happens on land you aren’t allowed to plant on. It also reduces the chances of rogue male plants that have impregnated every female plant in your garden!

Using Colloidal Silver

Creating feminised cannabis seeds also involves using colloidal silver. This water-based solution has suspended particles of microscopic silver—a material that has many uses, even in alternative medicine. It can aid in the healing of burns, improve digestion, and act as fungal control.

In cannabis plants, the colloidal silver solution is used during the early flowering stage. This help’s it grow the equivalent of the male plant’s “testicles” instead of growing buds. These will be filled with female pollen, and it allows the grower to collect them for use in pollinating other female plants. Since both plant parents are female, the result will always be another female plant!

Using a solution with a strength of at least 15ppm is key. Any lower than that and the likelihood of producing male sacs with unfavourable pollen will be much higher. The ideal concentration should be 30ppm if you can get your hands on it.

Start by selecting a plant with the characteristics you want to be preserved. Continue on to feminise its clones to produce plants that will have the same predictable characteristics! Plant your clone in a small pot, give it a few days to recover, and start a 12-12 light cycle immediately.

Harvesting and Pollination

Harvesting pollen can be done in several ways. You can simply attach a card below the plant to catch the pollen as it falls or you may choose to cover it with a large cup with perforated openings for air exchange around the whole plant.

To pollinate a new female, use a fine soft brush or a cotton swab, dip it into the pollen you’ve gathered, and then gently apply it to your plant. Producing more weed seeds can be done by putting the pollen in a bag and leaving it over the entire plant, making sure to shake well and leave to sit for twenty-four hours.


For growers, making feminised seeds is as easy as allowing your female plant to produce pollen and pollinating the other female plants in your garden. With a few controls in their environment, you’ll easily get several clones that can produce the desirable characteristics of a good, quality high! Starting with the right seeds can get you on the right track for the more favourable feminised cannabis plants. Whether they’re CBD seeds or another variant, you’ll be producing that beautiful female plant close to every single time.

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