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Sheberghan Hashplant Regular Seeds – 12


Afghan hash is a thing of beauty. As an Afghani landrace, these cannabis seeds are perfect for the novice cultivator.

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Sheberghan Hashplant Regular Cannabis Seeds by Khalifa Genetics

Sheberghan Hashplant is an Afghani landrace hailing from Jowzjan Province at a latitude of 37degN and has proven to be especially resilient to hot and cold climates, as long as there is low humidity during the flowering stage. As a result, These regular cannabis seeds are ideal for the novice cultivator.

Sheberghan Hashplant is specifically bred for indoor and outdoor cultivation, with high yields and a fruity taste with a very sweet aftertaste. The height is medium to tall, while the yield is on average between 400 and 600 grams per square meter in a 9 – 11 week flowering window.

Sheberghan Hashplant Regular is a selectively bred cannabis strain that will grow both high THC and high CBD plants, depending on which phenotypes are grown. Yet other pheno’s will produce more or less equal amounts of each. An indica-dominant hybrid strain perfect for novice and experienced cannabis users alike, this potent strain offers a relaxing, calming effect that may reduce anxiety, stress, nausea and more.

After a number of years of selective breeding, Khalifa Genetics bred Sheberghan Hashplant with a reduced number of hermaphrodites and phenotypes whilst maintaining the majority of the genetics, in order to make them more suitable for indoor growing. Easy to grow and produce high yields, with a much lower chance of hermaphrodites.

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Khalifa Genetics

Khalifa Genetics represents a small number of passionate cannabis breeders who are firmly focused on creating unique new strains, working with both rare and ancient landrace varieties. Khalifa Genetics offers a fine selection of stable, true F1 hybrid strains as well as legendary landrace varieties from Asia. The landraces and other rare strains used to produce the new F1 strains have been selected and stabilised for many generations before being crossed to create reliable hybrids. Testing is crucial to the process as Khalifa regards customer satisfaction as the highest priority resulting in the release of only the most outstanding strains. The pure landrace strains offered to form a part of our human history and heritage; Khalifa Genetics notes that these are in danger the world over, not only through eradication attempts by the authorities but also via modern cannabis hybrids that are being introduced 'in the wild' due to perceived gains they might produce. These landraces are of special interest to both breeders and collectors. All Khalifa Genetics seed production uses strictly organic methods that increase the intensity of flavours and effects of these premium genetics
Khalifa Genetics


Afghani landrace


Mostly Indica

Flowering Time

63 – 77 days

Flowering Type





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