TerpyZ Mutant Genetics

Terpyz genetics

TerpyZ Mutant Genetics is a reputable provider of cannabis seeds that produce unique and distinct plants.

They specialise in breeding cannabis strains that exhibit unconventional morphologies, offering a range of options for growers seeking something out of the ordinary. Their collection includes strains with non-serrated leaves, fern-like leaf structures, single leaflet types, webbed ‘duck-foot’ varieties, variegated plants, as well as strains resembling parsley plants. These extraordinary strains are derived from landrace and feral Australian lines, making them highly resilient and drought-resistant.

TerpyZ Mutant Genetics takes pride in their mission to introduce the world to the diverse range of cannabis. Their seeds are particularly suitable for discreet cultivation in various environments, catering to the needs of growers in different situations.

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