X-Dog Regular Seeds – 10


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X-Dog Regular Seeds – 10

X-Dog is the offspring hybrid of two well-known parents, spanning two continents. The mother is from old-school Dutch genetics; it is Northern Lights x White Widow, and is one of Alpine Seeds’ favourite strains. The father is their Chemdog DD male, another legendary variety, originating in the USA. Chemdog cuttings have been known to sell for as much as $1000 USD on the US market. It is a true resin producing monster, also giving a very strong Sativa high. Chemdog has a very special aroma, which is completely unique and cannot be compared to the aroma of today’s standard strains. These consistently positive characteristics promote Chemdog to the position of one of the best known strains in the whole of America.

Alpine Seeds’ X-Dog f1 hybrid produces two phenotypes both possessing great characteristics in terms of resin production, flavour and potency. The sativa phenotype produces bushy fox tail-like buds, similar to Sour Diesel, whilst the indica phenotype produces more compact buds coated in resin glands. In regards to aroma and taste both parent strains have influenced their progeny. The aroma and flavour are best described as a mixture of fruits and spices with an overriding taste of cinnamon.

This explosive mix is one of the best Dutch-American strains available, combining vigorous growth with a very special taste and aroma. X-Dog is also suitable for medical applications.

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Additional information

THC Content


CBD Content



NLX x Chemdog (NLx WW ) x ( Chemdog x ECSD)


Flowering Time

8-10 Weeks

Flowering Type



Greenhouse, Grows Indoors

Medical Properties

Suitable for medical applications

Pack Size

10 Seeds




Indica / Sativa


Alpine Seeds

Swiss based cannabis seeds bank Alpine Seeds have focused to improve the deterioration of quality strains available within in their own country and across Europe. In an attempt to differentiate themselves from many other European seedbanks. Alpine have created their own strain varieties, without using any Dutch genetics, believing them to be severely overused. Starting as cultivators who were simply growing for themselves. Now, as a collective, they have set themselves the unenviable task of providing quality and unusual cannabis genetics at reasonable prices. Alpine Seeds believe in quality to ensure their strains give their customers the desired quality - potency, flavour and taste they expect of their hybrids. Possibly no more so than in their Swiss Strawberry x Sweet Pink Grapefruit.  Released due to continued demand for a fully stable strawberry genetic. She is an adaptable plant that has a memorable aroma, taste and cerebral effect. The entire collection from Alpine Seeds strains is available now at Coffee Shop Seeds.
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