Thunder Bud Feminised Seeds – 6


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Thunder Bud Feminised Seeds – 6

Thunderbud Cannabis Seeds from the Holy Smoke Seedbank.

Thunder bud is a brutal bruised and powerful totem on the sweet fruit side of the force whose qualities are only equalled by its stunning looks and immense candy flavour..These F1’s grow large! But with small internodes and a penchant for vast amounts of some of the most unique coloured crystal laden buds on Earth, whose heritage sits squarely between the “Purps” and “Pineapple Funk”. With huge arms that grow strong enough to hold up the large chunky buds that this strain develops during its 9 week flowering cycle maintaining some very large and tasty medicinal trichomes also ideal for hash making. Rounding off another Stella strain from the House of Holys genetics.

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Additional information

CBD Content



Purple Urkel x Pineapple Funk


Flowering Time

63 days

Flowering Type



Greenhouse, Grows Indoors, Grows outdoors

Pack Size

6 Seeds




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Holy Smoke Seeds is a cannabis seed company known for breeding high-quality marijuana seeds. They are recognized for their unique and potent strains, often focusing on combining genetics to produce exceptional cannabis varieties. The company has gained a reputation for their commitment to producing premium seeds that result in robust plants with desirable traits such as high potency, unique flavors, and impressive yields. Holy Smoke Seeds offers a range of strains, including both regular and feminized seeds, catering to the preferences of different growers and cultivators. They often work with rare or sought-after genetics, aiming to create innovative and top-notch cannabis varieties that stand out in the market. Holy Smoke Seeds offer some of the finest cannabis genetics originating from African and European strains. You can buy Holy Smoke Seeds from Coffee Shop Seeds now.
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