The White Train Auto Feminised Seeds – 18


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The White Train Auto Feminised Seeds – 18

The White Train is a limited edition combination of two of Mephisto Genetics newest strains. In the red corner is Walter White, a beautiful snow covered powerhouse and in the blue corner is Fantasmo Express, their most sativa dominant creation. Both strains compliment each other, the Walter White’s overall high quality brings even more resin and denser flowers to the Fantasmo, which in turn adds extra vigour. A good strain for training and playing with to optimise White Train’s yield. Expect this to be one of the best hybrid autoflowers you can grow.

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Additional information

CBD Content




Flowering Time

75 days from sprout

Flowering Type



Greenhouse, Grows Indoors, Grows outdoors

Pack Size

18 Seeds




Indica / Sativa


High, Medium


Mephisto Genetics

Mephisto Genetics was founded in 2012 by 2 friends and has enjoyed great success ever since. Originally growing independently they came together to achieve a common goal. To create and develop auto strains from the most sought after photoperiod varieties that are unique, high potency, high quality. Today, this philosophy still stands at the forefront of Mephisto Genetics. "We differ from most seedbanks, we take a 'no smoke and mirrors approach' and actively invite our fans to watch and help in our breeding adventures, we document our strains from conception through to release, typically over 5 generations of breeding." Now with a team of 12, working on two continents Mephisto Genetics are a small scale company. However, this is also what sets them apart from other larger breeders. They are involved in every step of the process from selection, pollination and de-seeding to sorting and packaging. It is highly likely that the seeds you receive will have only ever been touched by two pairs of hands. So if your looking for high quality Auto strains from a breeder who is open and willing to listen, advise and join you in your cultivating  journey than Mephisto Genetics should certainly be on your radar.
Mephisto genetics
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