Star Gazer Regular Seeds – 5


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Star Gazer Regular Seeds – 5

This is an interesting strain as it really has become a great amalgamation of three strains, the warlock, the ak-47, and the sensi star. The cross began with a robust male ak-47 being crossed into a fantastic warlock female that was selected from a pack of seeds. Delta 9 Labs were lucky as both the warlock and ak came from stock that was available around ten years ago. These were as original as it could get. Once they found the right pheno they crossed it into their super star male, this really added quite a punch. The star gazer is Delta 9 Labs shortest of the all the strains and the most bushy. It can reach about 1 meter when its fully in flower. Again this depends on the size of the pot and the airflow of the room. This is a strain that is quite high in thc testing up in the 16-17% range. It does have a really strong effect, hence the name, its is prefect for stargazing on a nice summer night. The short thick leaves are speckled with the oh so feminine pink hairs of the ak and warlock parents. The flavor of this strain is rich and deep. Its first tastes are woody and natural, almost a piney flavor. It then shifts through the palette and finishes with a nice minty aftertaste. All in all a great flavor and a great aroma.

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Additional information

THC Content


CBD Content



Warlock (female) (40%) x AK-47 (female) (20%) x Sensi Star (male)(40%)



Flowering Time

60 – 70 days

Flowering Type



Grows Indoors

Pack Size

5 Seeds




Mostly Indica




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