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O.Gelato Feminised Cannabis Seeds (A.K.A Gelato OG, Gelato x OG)

O.Gelato Feminised has been created by crossing two of the best loved strains of the US west coast, namely Gelato and OG Kush. Gelato is the result of crossing Sunset Sherbert and Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint. Wonderful purple hues, orange pistils and snow white resin makes this a truly beautiful plant in flower. OG Kush, said to originate in Florida and taken to the California where its become a firm favourite in the mid 90’s. Today it is know and loved worldwide.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor grows, either way, cultivators can expect some great yields. Indoors O.Gelato Feminised will yield around 500-600g/m2 in just 55-60 days of flowering. Height wise she’ll grow to between 90-120cm tall (indoors). When grown outdoors its recommended to plant either directly into the ground or use at least a 50 litre pot. The results will be plant’s that grow to approximately 220cm tall and yield between 400-600g/plant. Outdoor harvest will be towards the end of September in the Northern Hemisphere. As a result, even those in higher latitudes can harvest a great yield outdoors before the colder weather begins.

The effect of O.Gelato is one of profound happiness and relaxation, thanks to her 25% THC content. With a wonderful dessert like flavour of sweet citrus, with flowery, earthy tones. You’ll be sitting (or laying) with a content smile on your face.

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One of the best and most trusted seed shop’s around. We have gradually built a reputation for honesty and trustworthiness. Our customer service is regarded as one of the best in the cannabis industry. Now at Coffee Shop Seeds we are pleased to announce our offering of our very own Cannabis seeds. Thanks to our close working relationships with breeders all over the world. Our marijuana seeds are available in packs of 1, 3, 5 and 10 with some strains available in 50 and 100 packs. Popular female cannabis seed strains like Girl Scout Cookies feminised. An Indica dominant hybrid created by crossing OG Kush with South African landrace – Durban Poison. Or the much loved Grandaddy Purple FAST, an F1 Indica that finishes fast with high level of THC. As well as female cannabis seeds we offer autoflowering cannabis seeds. Ideal for beginners, autoflowering cannabis seeds flower at a set time period from germinating as oppose to reacting to light cycles. Strains like Gorilla Glue #4 Auto with very high levels of THC, as a result, it’s a perfect night-time smoke/vape. However, medicinal cannabis users will also benefit from GG4 Auto. Beneficial for a range of conditions including insomnia, muscle spasms and general pain relief. We will be constantly adding to our own range of marijuana seeds so please keep an eye on this page for new and exciting strains coming soon. If you require bulk cannabis seeds in a large volume please contact us for a quotation.
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Gelato x OG Kush


Gelato OG, Gelato x OG




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Indoors: 500 – 600 gr/m2; Outdoors: 400 – 600 gr/plant

Plant Height


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