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Morning Star CBD Feminised Seeds



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Morning Star CBD Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Emerald Triangle

Morning Star CBD is a feminised strain with an incredible CBD:THC ratio of 85:1 (17% CBD, 0.2% THC)!

Following manyr years of development Emerald Triangle is proud of this strain which produces very high uniform yields, is extremely stable and having a high resistance to plant pathogens.

Morning Star CBD has been in development for 5 years in total, and is based on a wild hemp variety. this hemp plant was chosen because of its high vigour and disease resistance. The CBD varietal was chosen from a batch of seeds from a hybridization of two pheno-types which had been grown out over a four year period using a multiple selection method from 1000 plants per crop from which the best plants were chosen. The selected plants underwent two back-crossings and then subsequent further crosses with the best performing plants.

Expect a resistant crop with an amazing yield potential.


Emerald Triangle

Emerald Triangle Seeds take their name from the area in northern California famed for its communes and alternative lifestyle communities that started to spring up in the 70's and 80's of which were greatly influenced by cannabis. And its no coincidence neither, known for one of the best areas to grow cannabis due its geographical location parallel to the Middle East - Where Cannabis originates! Due to its location and the fact that many different genetics are settled here, Emerald Triangle Seeds have the knowhow experience to further develop these strains with a collection of breeders with decades of combined cultivating experience. Their mission is to preserve and improve genetics to enable future generations to benefit from the healing medicinal properties cannabis offers. In order to achieve genetic stability Emerald Triangle refuse to rule out the role of the male chromosome maintaining that regular breeding creates long term stability. That said, aware of the huge popularity of feminized seeds they have not ruled it out completely.
Emerald triangle cannabis seed breeders
Flowering Time

90 days

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THC Content


CBD Content

High (5% +)




Grows outdoors

Medical Properties

Yes but not specified.


Calming, Soothing