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Kaboom Regular Cannabis Seeds by Subcool Seeds/TGA Genetics

With the creation of Vortex TGA had a new Apollo-13 dominant lines to cross to the F1 Jacks Cleaner mom. The results are a perfect mix of the best traits of both parent strains. Large towering colas dripped in resin almost appear glass coated but carry an additional fruity, semi-rotting smell that Brothers Grimm hybrids are known for.

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Additional information

No. of Seeds

5, 10

CBD Content



1985 SSSC NL#5 x Pluton x Purple Haze x NL#5 x Jack Herer x Apollo-13 x Space Queen


Flowering Type



Grows Indoors, Grows outdoors

Medical Properties

Intense, motivating effect with pain relief




Mostly Sativa




Subcools The Dank Seeds

Subcools The Dank Seeds, formally Subcool/TGA Genetics, began in 2001 when a dedicated group of medical growers joined forces to start their own seedbank. Disillusioned from the ever increasing commercialisation of cannabis seeds. As a result, TGA Genetics decided to break away from the industry norm and decided on 'open source breeding'. Gathering knowledge from thousands of growers worldwide from professional cultivators to novices alike. With the data collected Subcools The Dank have created various original strains all unique from each other. Each one of these strains has been created for certain conditions.  Sufferers of Pain, Nausea, Tremors, Nerve Pain, Anxiety and even Social Disorders can benefit from these excellent strains.
Subcools The Dank weed Seeds
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