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Freeze Cheese ’89 Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Big Buddha Seeds

The ‘Friesland indica’ is a classic strain originally from the Super Sativa Seed club, Holland. Big Buddha Seeds had sourced the seed from the vaults of one of Amsterdam’s best coffeshops. After testing, the ‘Friesland indica’ turned out to be a real classic Old Skool indica strain.

The ‘Friesland’ grows strong with dark green, elegant indica leaves and with classic buds laden with a diamond glisten. The ‘Friesland’ was then crossed to our classic strain the ‘Big Buddha Cheese’ resulting to the FreezeCheese 89, a real frostmaster, easy to grow strong and a good mould resistant plant.

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Additional information

No. of Seeds

5, 10

CBD Content



Friesland Indica 1989 X Big Buddha Cheese 'reversed'


Flowering Time

Indoors – 8 to 10 weeks and Outdoors – beginning of October

Flowering Type



Grows Indoors, Grows outdoors




Mostly Indica


Big Buddha Seeds

Big Buddha Seeds is a well-established cannabis seed bank based in the United Kingdom.

Founded by a breeder known as "The Big Buddha," the brand has gained recognition for its high-quality genetics and unique strains. One of the standout features of Big Buddha Seeds is their focus on creating award-winning and highly sought-after strains. They have gained a reputation for their exceptional Cheese strains, including the famous Big Buddha Cheese, which has become a staple in the cannabis community. Their Cheese genetics are known for their distinct aroma, flavour, and potent effects. In addition to their Cheese varieties, Big Buddha Seeds offers a diverse range of other strains. They have carefully selected and bred their genetics to ensure consistency, stability, and desirable traits. Their catalogue includes a mix of classic and modern strains. Thus providing options for different preferences and cultivation styles. Big Buddha Seeds places a strong emphasis on quality control and customer satisfaction. They take pride in their breeding techniques and conduct extensive testing to ensure the genetic integrity and viability of their seeds. This attention to detail contributes to their reputation for producing reliable and high-performing genetics. Noel Gallagher, Sean Paul, Jamiroquai and even Howard Marks (Mr Nice) are listed as endorsers. Overall, Big Buddha Seeds is a reputable seed bank known for its exceptional Cheese genetics and commitment to quality. With their range of award-winning strains, they continue to be a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts and cultivators looking for unique and reliable genetics.
Big Buddha Seeds
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