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F.O.G. (Fruit of the Gods) Regular Cannabis Seeds by Delta 9 Labs

Why the fruit of the gods, well that was what came to mind the first time Delta 9 Labs tried this wonderful strain. Even though it was a mostly sativa with strong haze elements coming from its mom, the legendary NL5 Haze, it had an incredibly fruity taste. From their first selection they went with the FOG 11 which is what they used to make all their next batches of seeds. This pheno was amazing, a fruity haze that under the right conditions goes a beautiful deep purple color.

The strain comes from an old Nl5 haze pheno that was around Amsterdam in the late nineties. It was crossed with a skunk #1 father that came from seeds that were made in 1988. Delta 9 Labs were lucky as it was really tough to get them to germinate. The strain is mostly a sativa but still has a touch of indica in it from the northern lights.

The plant is tall and does finish in 84 days but is well worth the wait as you will be rewarded by an incredibly strong but intense fruity flavor. With this strain you tend towards a medium to heavy feeding with the main boosters going in between week 4 and week 6. This one really likes water in the last two weeks of its cycle and takes a week hung upside down to dry. It tends to stretch a bit but likes to have a lot of space as it can get to over 1.5 meter’s tall.

This is a great medical strain as it really helps patients suffering from headaches or migraines. It has very cerebral effect.

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Additional information

CBD Content



NL5 Haze x Skunk #1



Flowering Time

84 days

Flowering Type



Grows Indoors, Grows outdoors

Medical Conditions


Medical Properties

Headaches, migraines

Pack Size

5 Seeds




Mostly Sativa


Delta 9 Labs

Delta-9 Labs has been working hard over the last 10 years to create the most desirable Medical Marijuana Seeds on the planet. Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands they work with the world’s top Medical Marijuana breeders to discover the finest genetics. Delta 9 Labs’ medical cannabis seeds are produced naturally. Their breeding and seed production regimen follows strict organic guidelines and test the viability of their seeds on a weekly basis. Only using the finest genetics, thier medical marijuana seeds provide the highest quality healing power their customers have come to expect. With strains like Southern Lights #7 feminised Seeds to motivate and uplift you, to their Double Kush to relieve pain. Get your perfect medical cannabis seeds from Coffee Shop Seeds today
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