Albino Fire Skunk OG Regular Seeds – 12


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Albino Fire Skunk OG Regular Cannabis Seeds by Digital Genetics

Smells will be berry, floral, burnt rubber background on the Pineapple Skunk leaning phenos and straight gas, watermelon to rubbing alcohol. Digital Genetics personal favorite which is dominant on this strain..(peach flavored baby powder) she is a great strain for breeding projects. These plants stink in veg and really emit odors as they kick into flower. Precautions should be taken. Flowering times go from 8 to 10.5 weeks depending on phenos. Expect to see dense and colorful buds glazed with resin.

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Additional information

CBD Content



White Fire OG # 3 X Snowlotus (Male) x Pineapple Skunk (Female)




Flowering Time

56 – 65 days

Flowering Type



Grows Indoors, Grows outdoors

Pack Size

12 Seeds




Indica / Sativa




Digital Genetics

Digital Genetics are a new breeder based in Canada. Their goal is to create new varieties of medical marijuana seeds with exotic terpene profile's and unique aesthetics. Producing strains that are high yielding and vigorous and not just for the seasoned growers around, but also the new beginners alike. Strains are crossed with some of the best cannabis seeds genetics available on today. Digital Genetics marijuana seeds are all collected by hand. Ensuring the best selection under constant humidity and temperature control for optimal preservation. The maintenance and development of their genetics are performed from 100% organic crops. As a result, they are a fast achieving a very well deserved, marvellous reputation for high quality seeds. You can buy strains like Digital Dreams today at Coffee Shop Seeds
Digital Genetics
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