Trilogene Seeds

Trilogene Seeds are a prominent player in the cannabis industry, particularly in the realm of genetics and cultivation. A specialised team consisting of scientists, horticulturists, and cultivators working in Boulder, Colorado. Their primary focus lies in stabilising elite American cannabis genetics while also engaging in the breeding of feminised hemp seeds.

Trilogene Seeds stated objectives include creating cannabis seeds that are not only efficient for extraction purposes but also suitable for a tri-crop system, catering to various uses within the cannabis industry. Their emphasis on producing high-quality genetics shows a commitment to developing strains that possess desirable traits such as potency, flavour, and possibly specific medicinal or recreational effects.

As with any rapidly evolving industry, the field of cannabis genetics and cultivation continues to grow and diversify. Breeders like Trilogene Seeds, with their focus on innovation and elite genetics, are likely to garner attention within the cannabis community as their products become more widely known and adopted.

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