SuperCBDx high CDB Cannabis seeds

SuperCBDx seeds provide superior medical genetics with High CBD and low THC. The journey began after the founder was informed he had cancer. Determined not to be beaten, but indeed proactive. SuperCBDx’s founder went on a personal education mission. Once he heard of CBD and researched it well, he was convinced this was a the way forward. However, after searching high and low for a high CBD strain with little or no THC, PJ just kept running into walls. As a result, in 2010 genetics were obtained from Northern California and Spain and a breeding programme begun. approximately 18 months later and the first laboratory tests confirmed that the first plant was high in CBD with near zero THC. Further test showed that this plant produced 50% more CBD than any other High CBD, low THC plants available.

SuperCBDx is much more than just a high CBD, low THC (non psycho active) ratio genetics. Ratios are only the tip of the ice burg. How much CBD, THC and other compounds are the plant producing? Only scientific laboratory testing prove what any plant is capable of. “Show me the test results!!” should be standard practice for medical cannabis genetics!

SuperCBDx Seeds are recommended for medicinal users wanting CBD Cannabis seeds without the psychoactive properties of THC.

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